Dear friends,

The entire western media is in a full hysterical pitch about an imminent Russian attack.  Embassies and non-critical personnel are being evacuated by most embassies of US colonies in the EU (and beyond, the Japanese are, apparently, also evacuating).  Even though that self same media has promised us a Russian invasion for months and even years, this time around they seem to be even more hysterical than usual.


Foreign Minister Lavrov has declared that the Anglo-Saxons are up to something.

The head of Russian intelligence, Sergei Naryshkin said the same thing.

The Russian military is clearly on high alert.  And not just in the eastern Ukraine.

I would say that the chances of a Anglo provocation over next few days, maybe weeks, are sky high.

My problem is that the parish which I attend is about a 3-4 hour drive one way, so I attend it once a month and I have to stay overnight.  Which, in turn, means that I will be on the road most of Saturday, then at the church services on Sunday, then back on the road all day on Sunday.  I always take a small laptop with me, but if the proverbial crapola hits the fan while I am on the road, there is nothing I can do.  And neither do I want to cancel/report my trip, the hotel room is prepaid and, besides, with the Ukies and the Anglos, there has been so many false alarms that this one might be just one more.

Except that I have a really bad feeling this time.  I hope and pray that I am wrong but, honestly, I think that the Donbass is about to explode, very soon, anytime starting now.

God willing, I will be back home (very) late Sunday and back at the blog on Monday.

One effect of my absence will be that it might take me more time to clear the comments flagged by the mods.  I can mostly do that on my phone, so it should be okay, but please be patient if your comment takes a just a little longer than usual to be cleared (this only applies to comments intercepted by moderators, all the other will be posted at a normal speed, thank God we now have moderators covering all time-shifts again.

However, please also remember that the very first thing which ALWAYS happens with the Anglos attack is that they declare a crushing victory and shape the entire narrative around that. Remember that they have no staying power so a quick and dirty outcome is all they need.

So if the provocation/attack happens this week end, do NOT, repeat, NOT pay ANY attention to ANYTHING the western media has to say: even if you hear them tell you that 2+2=4 simply assume that this is false.

The western media is worse than worthless, it is toxic and highly misleading.  It creates its own reality which has no overlap with the real world at all.

At the very least, we know that the western media will NEVER admit that the Ukronazis or the Anglos attacked first.  As for news from the LDNR, the western IT giants will suppress it.

If/when the attack/provocation happens, it will take at least several days before what actually happened will start to become gradually more understandable.  So the best habit is to wait 24 or even 48 hours before accepting any narrative or come to any conclusions, even temporary ones.

Still, if it all explodes, here are my recommendations on what to read/listen/watch:

You can get your official Russian info from here:

For the basic facts, go to these websites:

For commentary and analysis, I recommend these two:

Should there be a confirmed provocation/attack, I will open an open thread to collect and centralize the info and to discuss it.  I will not, however, be able to participate until Monday morning.

That’s it on my end.  It sure looks to me like all the pieces are on the board and that something will happen soon, possibly very soon.  God willing, this will be just another case of “the boy who cried wolf”, but that is NOT something we can simply assume.

Hugs and cheers to all, see you on Monday,


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