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Part One: The Real Current Event

Part Two: Rolling Over of the President – Musical Chairs

Part Three: History for Perspective
a) Short notes on before the 1994 freedom election – from 1948 through to the Freedom Election – the apartheid regime
b) Deep Background

Part One: The Real Current Event

At the time of writing, the sitting President, Jacob Zuma had been ‘recalled’ by his ANC (African National Congress) party/tribe and encouraged to tender his resignation with Cyril Ramaphosa, a long-term trade unionist, taking over as President. This caused a wave of tension to be released in the country as Ramaphosa was widely considered as a moderate influence. Shortly after his inauguration, this paragon of moderate influence announced that the constitution will be changed to allow appropriation of all white property without compensation and *’Reconciliation is now Over.’ In that statement he refers to the period of Truth and Reconciliation that was somewhat effective in the country. Remember that statement. We will re-visit it.

There is a fascinating history of South Africa and of Africa South of the Sahara, and we will take a look at part of this history as it pertains to the situation today. Yet everything pales by comparison; everything becomes simply detail and noise if we look at the real and ongoing current event that is happening now, with the complicity of the world, with few understanding the severity.

The real current event is a continuing, creeping White Ethno-cide, if not directly State-sponsored, certainly with State covert encouragement.

Sidebar: I will be using the word word Boer which translates directly to farmer. In usage, the word denotes a White South African – either from the Dutch side or those Brits that integrated. The Boer fought for their land both against the Brits, as well as against the tribal Blacks that were migrating South from further North.

Deep racial hatred and violence, African style, have come full circle from White Rule to Black Rule. We can analyze current events; we can take a look at differences pre- and post-apartheid; we can fully accept Black Leadership, but what we cannot accept is this Creeping White Ethnocide which is in full force and effect with seemingly full complicity and encouragement by their silence of the South African Government and literally zero outcry from the world. It is difficult to quantify: whenever something, some glimpse of reality or truth creeps out into the general populace, it is obscured with inane arguments for example, ‘the Boer was not kind to his workers’ and other such type inanities. In the ‘everyone is equal’ paradise of South Africa, statistics on minorities are not collected or maintained (or so they say) excepting by private organizations, and if it is not a state actor, the statistics are questioned or changed to something more benign, like ‘a burglary went wrong‘ while it is clearly another farm family murder. Local organizations that keep accurate statistics are targets. The issue is obscured, talked around, suppressed, sanctioned, censored and otherwise obfuscated until a state of cognitive dissonance sets in, and the journalists leave for more exciting stories. Few journalists stay the course to understand the complexities in this environment.

Ilana Mercer, the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot, says: “While the number of whites is shrinking as a percentage of the total population, their proportion among the scalded, shot, sliced and garroted is growing.”

Lauren Southern speaks to Stefan Molyneux:

A South African farm murder or just an everyday old murder, is a brutal slaughter; whole families become targets and the methods of murdering, harming and attacking simply beggars belief. Post-Apartheid South Africa is not the Rainbow Nation Paradise presented by the Western Created Icon, Nelson Mandela.

The following is a list of supporting documents

Black on White Farm Attacks (be aware that content here is exceedingly disturbing):

Genocide Watch:

Here is the Western Created Icon Nelson Mandela singing Kill the Whites:

Each President following sang his version of Killing Whites. Here is the previous President, Jacob Zuma asking for his Machine Gun:

This is a group of students singing One Bullet One Settler (the lyrics here used to be One Bullet, One Boer, or, One Bullet, One Farmer, but they changed the lyrics from Boer to Settler (trying to denote an influence of settlers really not belonging in South Africa, latecomers, Johnny come latelys, which is of course untrue) and on being charged for hate speech, they changed the next song to Kiss the Boer or Kiss the Settler, instead of Kill the Boer. This sweet little song is being sung by the opposition for show only to the ANC, the young uneducated firebrand, Julius Malema who has his own role to play in the theater of Politics, African Style. We will not be spending much time on Julius, only to say that he is the young one, allowed to almost forecast what the policies of the future will be.  Most consider him just background noise, and this would be really a question of not seeing the complete story:

Today, journalists are simply removed.

Katie Hopkins (Note that this journalist is accused of being a racist or white supremacist.) Since I started writing this, her very good article has disappeared –    She tried to investigate the relations between White Farmers and their Farm Workers.

“Home Sweet Home” in South Africa is 10-foot walls with razor wire on top, electric fencing, copious burglar bars, and panic buttons wired directly to an armed-response team, licensed to shoot, if not kill. It’s not the sort of thing you put in a tourist brochure. South Africa, statistically speaking, is one of the most dangerous places in the world to live since power changed formally in 1994. Talking to a South African a few days ago, he described it: “There are regular violent incidents in our area. Each incident leads to a tightening of existing measures by which the community cooperates to keep control and alert systems as tight as possible – neighborhood saturated with cameras. We’re gearing up to cope in these circumstances for the foreseeable future. Speaking of which, it’s 6pm and time for me to get some sleep before doing the graveyard shift on neighbourhood watch.”

From another area: “We caught four tonight with their weapons and arrived at our neighbor just in time before another group could break into the house. They will sleep in jail tonight and be footloose and fancy free tomorrow again but at least we are fine for tonight.”

Since the 1994 Freedom Election, the white minority have and are surviving One Bullet One Boer, Pass Me My Machine Gun, the most atrocious and horrible murders, slaughtering whole families, wholesale squatter camps for the poor with a brutal rate of joblessness because legislatively this minority are excluded from the workplace and neighborhoods being patrolled 24/7 by their inhabitants who mainly have been disarmed.

Catastrophic jobless rate warrants institution of a state of emergency:

Sidebar: This is important to understand.  Frequently this South African state of affairs is presented and understood in retributive terms; that it’s a sort of a justifiable punishment for apartheid. Yet Black crime is equally disturbing, but not State Sanctioned by means of statistically misrepresenting the size of the problem. Even more frequently it is described in racial terms; i.e., if one says anything, you are by definition a racist. The racial dichotomy may also lead to co-option by White Supremacists as their issue. It is an issue yes, but also a double-edged sword. Co-option as a cause to prove the supremacist point would be disingenuous and an incorrect view on the South African issues. You may see such influences in the links to this article. There is much more mileage in describing this problem as deep cultural differences as the hatred between the various groupings in South Africa is visceral, instinctual and irrational.

Steve Hofmeyer – Black Mondays in South Africa. Steve talks about the Statistics and the Single Most Dangerous Job in the World, with a kill rate more than any war torn area – The South African Farmer.


Here are the real indigenous Africans – The Khoisan Nation – who have now formed alliance with the White South Africans. Karin Smith interviews King Khoebaha Calvin Cornelius lll

This White Minority is besieged, threatened and ethno-cided and live in conditions resembling low level warfare.


Part Two:  Rolling Over of the President – “It’s someone else’s turn, and the time for Reconciliation is over.

South Africa started as a Dutch colony and it changed hands a few times, eventually settling as an English colony.

South Africa is a state that is today defined by black and white polarity, tribal polarity (sometimes hidden and in some cases brazenly open), and an historical inheritance from British colonial times, Boer vs Brit, that carried over to Boer vs Black and now Black vs Boer. Influences during the latter part of the 1900’s can be traced to an existential clash of traditional Communism USSR Style coupled with Communism Chinese Style vs Democracy Western Style brought together broadly in most of Sub-Saharan Africa.

South Africa is essentially a one party state and has been a one party dictatorial state since colonialism, right through the period of white rule and up to now black rule. The Boer or Afrikaner took over from Brit from 1948 only to re-institute dictatorship in the Republic (1960 Republic) dominated by Afrikaner Nationalism (close to Hitlerian ideology of ‘the pure race’), total racial segregation and white minority rule enshrined in law. Yes, some opposition from formerly colonialist Brits was allowed to a small extent, but it was form without substance. The Nationalist Afrikaner, in their hearts, broke free from British rule and would not share power with anyone believing that they paid for the country in blood through wars with Blacks and wars with Brits. The colonial British attitude against black tribes continued throughout and the Boers not only accepted the Black as a cheap source of manipulable labor, but also accepted the British inculcated racial attitude towards the inhabitants of their colonies.

Yet, the country worked and worked well for most inhabitants. South Africa, Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia created by Cecil John Rhodes in the Brit tradition) and Namibia (formerly South West Africa) formed a powerhouse of talent, ability and sheer grit and moxie, that could have powered the whole African continent South of the Sahara and further North. It is an area of the world that today carries heartbreaking consequences of colonialism; interference from countries with imperialist notions – China and the then USSR, as well as the ubiquitous US interference during the later half of the 1900’s.  It is also a country that, if it had not become the plaything of communism vs democracy by proxies, could have made the ultimate difference to the well being of the African continent.

In the time-span from the late 1960’s up to the beginnings of the 1990’s, Sub-Saharan Africa was a guerrilla war torn area. In Zimbabwe, the guerrilla forces from Zapu, Zanla and Zipra fought a 3-way tribal war. The Ndebele fought the Shona and both fought the White ‘Suppressor’. In Namibia with support from the newly independent Angola, SWAPO forces fought the South African regime and this led to the South African Cuban war that stretched into Zambia. In Mozambique, Frelimo, Fam, and Renamo fought each other and fiercely battled for independence from Portugal.

These were all proxy wars between the then USSR and the West. You will immediately pick up on the significance of this date, 1990 and onward, when the guerrilla wars became less prominent, being the time of the end of the USSR and the USSR imploded and dissolved.

In South Africa, all out guerrilla war was avoided and negotiations for power sharing started in 1991 under the name Codesa – Convention for a Democratic South Africa and further groupings and names required at the time. Both the Zulus and the Whites walked out and they were badly outmaneuvered for sure.

Before the 1994 Freedom Election, South Africa was a country that worked. Telephones, Post Office, Banks, Roadways, Schools (white schools mainly, which was part of the problem), Universities; all the institutions that make up a functioning country were in place. South Africa was a net food exporter with a powering talent in farming and food production as well as production of war materiel. The biggest difference since the 1994 Freedom Election, is that the country no longer works. South Africa is now a net food importer. There are serious power outages, crime sprees, the water systems for Great Cities like Cape Town are falling apart, the roads not maintained and infrastructure seriously lacking in maintenance, renewal and what can be called engineering smarts. It is almost as if the country is now paying the price for the white regime failing to educate and enfranchise the black majority during the apartheid era.

Taken from the time of the 1994 freedom election, one can almost say that South Africa survived a series of exceedingly ineffective leaders. First Nelson Mandela (we will deal with him separately, but he benefited from inheriting a working country);

– then Tabo Mbeki whose greatest contribution was to stop all aids medication and said a shower will prevent aids, or sex with a virgin. His aids policy is estimated to have killed upwards of a half a million people;

– then two short-term place holders not really worth a mention;

– then Jacob Zuma who got a tad too greedy for the party with building his own village, having just too many wives and taking just a tad too much money in cahoots with other criminals (the Guptas);

– and now rolling over to Cyril Ramaphosa.

Why do I say that this is a ‘rolling over’ of previous President Zuma to Cyril Ramaphosa? Ramaphosa’s institution as President was initially received with some relief of tensions by most people in South Africa. It was hoped that he would reduce the unacceptable corruption from Zuma’s rule to a less visible level, and hopefully keep young uneducated firebrands such as Julian Malena and his EFF (the main proponent of land expropriation and white killing and generally horrendous crime statistics with his Economic Freedom Figthers under control, and perhaps allow a level a sanity with the current white minority which is being euthanized, annihilated and ethnically cleansed. As you will see, this hope lasted but a few days.

Post Colonial African leaders are a study in themselves. Colonialists were effective and by that I do not say colonialism was good. It was merely effective in whatever it chose to do, until it broke down. Yes, there are regular elections in South Africa. The West wants it like this but Post-Apartheid South Africa is a one-party state. Ilana Mercer has a description in her incisive work: Into The Cannibal’s Pot, of how, when the new post apartheid powers rewrote the constitution, they set it up so that it is effectively impossible to defeat or supplant the ANC. Other (ethnic) African groups (particularly the Zulus and the Whites) complained at the time and proposed more democratic alternatives; but they were rejected by the ANC, which is to say, by the new State.

This is what happens. As long as the Party manages themselves so that they do not sustain widespread and massive unpopularity; if the outright theft remains within limits, they can continue the farce of taking out a corrupt high official once he or she gets to the utterly ridiculous stage, and replace that person with another. It is his turn, or it is her turn at the fleshpots.

Sidebar: “Leaders of the mass-based nationalist parties that brought their countries to independence charted the first visions of postcolonial politics, centering upon rapid, egalitarian, state-led political development. These generally dissolved amid political disarray with their objectives largely unrealized. In response, from the 1970s onward, post-independence African countries’ engagement in world affairs coincided increasingly with dominant external influence upon the objectives and shape of African politics. This trend has continued in varied and changing forms into the 21st century. The rapidly and profoundly changing contours of late-20th and early-21st-century world politics and the global economy have intertwined, at least until recently, with predominant weakness and political decay in African politics as well as endemic economic underdevelopment. These conditions have spawned sharply divergent formulations of what has been required to overcome them. The influencing vectors shaping these formulations have been many, varied, and contrasting. They have included (1) residual legacies of colonial rule along with evolving international regimes enshrining democracy and human rights; (2) contending orthodoxies in the academy and in policy arenas concerning the nature of the state and its proper roles in development processes; and (3) African cultural norms, as they have endured and been reformulated in colonial and post-independence times, juxtaposed to increasingly pervasive liberalizing and secular mores of the West, notably with respect to gender and religion. “

As can be clearly seen in the quote from Oxford Bibliographies, very seldom has an African style leader remained true to the kinds of expectations in South Africa after the removal of Zuma, but hope always springs eternal, hence the initial feeling of relief from inside South Africa. There is just something about power and African power that is cultural, highly aggressive and it remains a tribalized world. (Note the title of Ilana Mercer’s book: Into the Cannibal’s Pot. Does that not remind you of Tribes and Kings? These are true African values). The inheritance of the quintessential African King revered by his followers, surrounded by his concubines keeping the beer pots full, and his impi’s of warriors denuding the country side of anything that moves, is still very active. Is this an insult? Of course not, it is reality. Is this a racist statement? Of course not, I wish we could return to a true Africa. No, don’t ask me for a link. There isn’t one.

“What about elections for a new President?” people ask me. “ Well, it is Africa,” I reply. “The party (the Tribe, the Tribal King) über alles. Wait awhile,” I say, “there will be ‘free and fair elections’ … but the ANC will win”.

Note that the previous president Tabo Mbeki also was ‘recalled’ in a power struggle before Jacob Zuma was elected, or is it ‘appointed’ President. It is almost as if we have a trend here.,8599,1843112,00.html

Understanding is needed. These men, the current revolving Kingship (Presidency) of the African National Congress (ANC) were all members of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the spear of the nation, the military wing of the ANC, trained by the then USSR in what we would consider brutal Stalinist flavor of old style Soviet Communism with clear Stasi techniques of iron control.  (Yes, I know there is some revisionist literature on Stalin – I’m using that phrase because it is well known in the West.)

Most of the current crop of grey-beards acceptable for Kingship, which in the West is called a Presidency, if not all of them, spent years in London as part of the exile and shadow South African Government with ongoing USSR style training. They all have to get their turn at playing King. Killing and torturing a few whites is simply “just deserts”, the fruits of the apartheid regime and fully deserved for the whites. Land appropriations without compensation? Well, that is just the norm. Creating a brain drain so that the country has very few educated and skilled manpower left and what there is are mainly braindead and in camps for the destitute as they could not survive, is not so important. Threatening the breadbasket so that no farmer can possibly survive is just grist for the communist mill. Stealing the state coffers blind is what a King does. It all belongs to him and everyone that took part in the Great Freedom struggle, must get their turn. This is a Game of Musical Chairs and the next King in line is pushed into the Free Chair when the music stops for a moment :

Now, the palace guard of the ANC tribe is giving Cyril Ramaphosa his turn at the trough. He presented a very good State of the Union Address

Sidebar : You don’t believe my characterization of the African Style Leader still being African King? The following may enlighten:

How much South Africa’s kings and queens and traditional leaders will get paid in 2018

You need some more justification here …. Let’s take a look at three:

A Xhosa, Mandela was born to the Thembu royal family. He was from a Royal House and for that reason alone was accepted as leader. He also started MK, the military wing of the ANC.

Mbeki is a native Xhosa speaker and Mbeki describes himself as “born into the struggle”; a portrait of Karl Marx sat on the family mantelpiece, and a portrait of Mohandas Gandhi was on the wall.

Zuma began engaging in politics at an early age and joined the African National Congress in 1959. He became an active member of Umkhonto we Sizwe in 1962, following the South African government’s ban of the ANC in 1961. Zuma joined the South African Communist Party (SACP) in 1963.

An isibongo is a clan name or praise name in Zulu culture. The term is derived from the verb -bonga meaning “to praise”, “to thank”, “to worship” or “to call by a clan name”. The plural form “izibongo” (clannames) refers to praise poetry, a traditional Zulu art form in which the fame of a person is extolled. Izibongo are classically performed in public in a dramatic style, and usually reference the ancestry of the person being praised. Since the advent of democracy in South Africa, politicians (presidents in particular) are often accompanied to public events by their izimbongi (singular “imbongi”) or praise poets whose performance sets the scene for a speech or ceremony. In former times this characterized only traditional leaders such as monarchs.

(These descriptions are mainly from various Wikipedia Sources)

Now you may understand why Nelson Mandela sang “Kill the Whites”, and Zuma sang “Pass me my Machine Gun”. These are their Kingly or Royal songs and they are being praised for their strength and killing power similar to old style African Kings.

So, Zuma rolled out and Ramaphosa rolled in; but land expropriation without compensation will continue; only now it will be constitutionalized and continue “to the benefit of the economics of the country”, Ramaphosa says. It is the popular view, as land is considered the item that the whites have too much of. It is besides the point that this little experiment has not worked up to now as starter black farmers were given land over the past 25 years that they have no clue how to make productive. (There are few exceptions to this). South Africa, after the 1994 Freedom Elections, is now a net food importer. The massive example of failure of the policy of expropriation of land of Zimbabwe lies just a few kilometers North; but seemingly neither the old President nor the new one can see it. “We will accelerate our land redistribution program, not only to redress a grave historical injustice, but also to bring more producers into the agricultural sector and to make more land available for cultivation.” Sounds good eh! Just like real policy making. Excepting, we have seen over the past 25 years that that cultivation hardly exists. The issue here is: does the so-called grave historical injustice really exist? History tells us that it does not. Refer to the end of this article – Deep Background.

My great grandparents, grandparents and parents never received ‘distributed’ land. Some of the very first inhabitants of the Boers, that trekked North took up land with nobody on it. There were rules in the Boer becoming Afrikaner methodology and empty land could be taken up, as much as the distance to East, West, North and South, that one could ride in one day on a horse. But today, whether land was distributed or not, someone has to produce food, and this production of food is now so threatened that a general supermarket buyer has to buy fresh product from Israel, through to Chili or Peru. Thus far there is no sign of securing food production in the country.

“What about Nelson Mandela?”; people ask me.

With quivering emotion, eyes shining with tears of reverence and excessive rhetoric, the Western press reported on this man Mandela. Was this real? Mandela became an Icon that even stirred my heartstrings because he was so beautifully packaged – by who? We do not really know, and it may have been The Wandering Who (borrowing words from Gilad Aztmon), protecting their mining industries and buying a few more years of relative peace and security. If you think of the big names in Gold, Diamonds and Platinum, you will find all of those names represented in South Africa as owners. Names like De Beers, Oppenheimer and Anglo-American Platinum should be known to most everyone.

Jewish influence towards racial equality in South Africa dates back to the earliest days of Jewish immigration. As far back as 1917 a Yiddish-speaking branch of the International Socialist League was formed. This league, a forerunner of the South African Communist Party (SACP) organized unions and co-operatives without distinction of class or color, eventually being absorbed into existing unions.

The main drafter or writer of the new South African Constitution was Albie Sachs, a Jew from Lithuanian background and Soviet Style hardcore communist.

Communist ideology Jewry formed a much greater percentage in the black freedom struggle than the statistical Jewish representation in South Africa.

Yet, in reality on the ground, from experience, most of the average Jews hated the Schwartzes (blacks). Now with this deep involvement of Jews in the Freedom Struggle, the Cutting of Ties by South Africa with Israel over abuse of Palestinians is simply Pot calling Kettle Black, as the real story out of South Africa is equally as atrocious and infinitely more violent than the actions of the Israelis against the Palestinians. There is only one real response to that action, and it is an explosive!: “What? Are you kidding me?”

South Africa Cuts Ties with Israel Over Abuse of Palestinians

Nelson Mandela’s ideology was hardcore Soviet Communism of USSR fame. I sometimes muse that Mandela’s rainbow nation had all the colors of black and red and the hammer, but nobody ever picked up the sickle.

Mandela was not asked to resign, contrary to the ANC methodology and how they remove Presidents. He left after two terms and took a step up to the throne of Ultimate Icon, the one that the West could point at to convince all that their policies of sanctions and pressure on the White Government were successful. During these years the USSR collapsed, so, it was a nice twist of the knife from the West to display clearly that the West had won the proxy fight over those that the USSR spent money and time training.

“But what about the incredible Truth and Reconciliation process”; people ask me.

The results have been less than stellar and anyone that I find that talks about Truth and Reconciliation is just simply uninformed. The West had a point to prove and thus the Truth and Reconciliation process was marketed. There was little truth, and the history over the past 25 years bears out that there was no reconciliation either. Anyway, the new President Rolling In has announced: “The Time for Reconciliation is Over.” *Remember this phrase, it is more important than you may think.

So, after the freedom election, whites (and Zulus, and Indians and Coloreds) became the minorities. Whites stayed the majority however in one aspect and that is that they were now the hunted, haunted and became the favorite color to murder. (Refer farm murders, ethnic cleansing, land appropriations, braindrain, squatter camps.)

Mandela during his time, rolled upwards out of the Presidency by accepting the Iconic Throne prepared for him by his Western Handlers; smiled and presented incredibly regally, while his speech writers concocted another brilliant and wise uttering by this icon of human rights and honor. But back on the ranch, right on the back 40, the ideology is pure Stalinism. After the ghost writer of Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom had completed his purging of the manuscript, Mandela’s hatred of the US, and his longing rural landscapes as battlefields and cities as places where one day soon ‘the sweet air will smell of gunfire, elegant buildings will crash down and streets will be splashed with blood’ never made it into print.

The depth of the influence of USSR Communist thinking on the current cadre of the ANC was never aired. The following article is presented without fact checking of statistics. It serves to illustrate only the view that old USSR style Communist Policy Thinking is still deeply inculcated in the current crop of South African state.

What people do not ask me is: “What promises were made to the newly created minorities, Whites and Zulus? Why did the country not actually flame up into violent revolution when Mandela was released from jail?” Well, see, there were these promises, and most people are rational and would share power as long as they felt fine about themselves and their own. Thing is, promises have this quality of being just ephemeral in these circumstances. The West, The Capitalists, The Bleeding Hearts, The Wasps, The Liberals, Those that had a point to prove that Black is Beautiful to justify their sanctions to perhaps prepare their own countries for Cognitive Dissonance and Racial Divides, The Soviets, The Chinese – they won and also lost, in South Africa. Mandela in his Iconic role, kept the country from bursting into violent revolution, and as such started the Long Walk to White Hatred instead of the Short Walk to Revolution.

Did the racists and the apartheid philosophy win or lose? No, this just changed color from Brit (Red) to Boer (White) to African King (Black). (Be very sure that the whites were also guilty of brutalities when it was their turn at the trough and Tribal hatreds do not subside easily).

The whites are still seeking an outcome for themselves and approached the old colonial masters; for example the Netherlands, for a right of return as refugees. The issue is that they cannot prove that they are refugees, or under threat, as formal statistics are not kept. So, the Netherlands said, No Way! No Right of Return for you, you disobedient migrants.

Many approaches were made at various levels of the UN for land and statehood for the Whites but this was all in vain. The White slaughter is continuing.

Various attempts of establishing white enclaves were made. Most of these failed. There is one fairly successful one, Orania but with no viability in the longer term as this land is equally vulnerable to expropriation.

Land grabs and invasions have started with strong words from the new President.  Oh the Irony!  It should be clear to all.  “Hey, you can’t take that land without permission.  Only we can do it!”, can only be the real analysis of the words.

At this stage, people would ask me: “But what about solutions?”. There are solutions – and one is to give or negotiate a homeland for Whites with fair access to a port. Pay them fair compensation for their lands and their houses and their businesses, and let them start again on their own territory. There are a number of ways this can be done, for example, a type of federation, or a simple Kingdom such as Swaziland. What has to stop, is the hatred, the killing and the atrocities. Yet, the New President said the *Time for Reconciliation is over. I wonder if you can imagine the depth of the existential threat to life, hearth and home that statement is, for specifically the white minority? To the followers of the ANC, the sub-text may well be something like this: “All perceived legal protections and other protections for the White peoples are now over.  We have had sufficient time go by since Madiba’s (Nelson Mandela) death and our respects are now paid to the Icon.  And now we may with impunity, kill, slaughter, take and own whatever we like.” Visions of the Kenyan Mau Mau slaughters, the Hutus and Tutsis, and the Zimbabwean land grand comes to mind.

South Africa is a country that was proxied, deceived and then left rudderless by Colonial Masters, then the USSR, then the West. We may as well point the finger to the US who started the cultural war against Apartheid. South Africa’s own White Regime leaders were not wise enough, or were deceived by their Western influences, that they would be rescued. Today China has been shown to play the long game and the Chinese influence is strong in the sub-continent. Russia (in its new form) is also an influence. But, the only reason that South Africa is part of BRICS, is the current crop of leaders harking back to being in thrall to their old Soviet Masters.

Its heartening to see that the Zulus are just refusing to play the land game on traditional Zulu lands.

“King Zwelithini has told provincial traditional leaders in Ulundi that the land under the Ingonyama Trust is an inheritance from their forefathers and the nation is willing to put up a fight.

Zwelithini has reiterated last week’s call for all Zulu people to donate R5 toward a fund that will be used to wage a legal battle if Parliament goes ahead with repealing the Ingonyama Trust Act.”

Part Three:  History for Perspective.

a) Short notes on before the 1994 freedom election – from 1948 through to the Freedom Election – the apartheid regime

The Boers/Afrikaners with the National Party won a major election against the Brits in 1948. Power was wrested from the Crown and Queen and now rested in white hands and the Afrikaner Boers started proceedings to become an independent country and their own republic, free from Britain.

That was the moment that the country could have united but the spirit and the habits of colonialism against indigenous black tribes continued; only now in Afrikaner Boer hands with no voting rights for Blacks and Indians and Coloreds (not black, but Colored people who were deprived of their voting rights in 1956).

That was the moment lost, as the Boer or the Afrikaner were so fearful of Red or Black (Communism), that they did not take this ideal time and started working on some method of enfranchisement of and for all South Africans.

The White regime represented only 10% of the country. Whites were ‘Royal Game’, privileged, controlled all systems and businesses and the economy and still continued suppressing the Blacks. This is the time when Apartheid became Weaponized and Institutionalized in law. For example, one could not marry anyone of another color, and sexual relations “across the color-line” was ‘verboten’ with jail sentences and severe social outcasting. The policy of apartheid was given words and form by Dr Hendrik French Verwoerd, in literally one of the most beautiful and poetic documents of State that I have ever read. However, despite the beauty, there is no way that one could put people, even black African people who were considered to be just a tad better than animals and were cheap labor, in large self-managed Black Homelands, with no rights in-country whatsoever. However, one has to look at the converse as well. If a bunch of Afrikaner Boers were placed in these homelands, by some means or other, they would have developed their territories. It is cultural. Apartheid was a good try to keep the Afrikaner Boer in power, and to stem the tides of the Cultural Mismatch, but first the Soviets and then the US, ensured that it would not work. Federalization would have been a good option at the time. The continual Soviet training of dissidents continued and the underlying tensions in the country became visible to those who wanted to see. Chinese training camps existed North of Zimbabwe (still Rhodesia) and the country of Rhodesia became very very dangerous with a visible insurgent war. There was an active border war on the Angolan border fighting Cuban soldiers up into Angola. This was South Africa’s Vietnam with Boetie (little brother) on the Border. The Chinese tactics; the methods up North of Rhodesia were non-human as described by some of the soldiers involved. For example, the Chinese soldiers would kidnap school buses full of young teenagers, subject them to serious mind control and insurgent military training, and those that survived the harsh training were sent back into Rhodesia as insurgents. In the event that someone did not make a good soldier, they were summarily executed. The South African black government in exile established themselves in London, where the previous colonial masters (the Brits), made them welcome.

The average white person in the country of South Africa was mind-controlled and knew nothing. They did not know that the blacks were brutally suppressed, so effective was the system of apartheid in keeping people and specifically knowledge, apart. With a full and complete news blackout and only selected news being reported, the regime was totalitarian, literature was banned, raids and searches for unwanted literature became common, and arrested Black freedom fighters regularly ‘jumped out of windows of high buildings to their death, absolutely of their own accord‘ (or so they said). Later on it was found that the South African State at the time, had its own Dr. Death, cooking up secret chemical and biological warfare cocktails for use in torture and questioning of communist dissidents. It is so that these so-called communist dissidents, were their own countrymen and women, yet, the White Rule somehow could not integrate that.

As time went on, a low level urban war became apparent with USSR trained insurgents coming back from their years of training. This war became visible in the country. The average South African white was sheltered from this up to the time that bombs started detonating in public places. At least at this time, Nelson Mandela showed some humanity and this bombing campaign that he called, was not aimed at people, but at buildings at that stage. South African soldiers brutalized the “locations” (black shanty towns or black townships) with nighttime raids; buffalo troop carriers with troops kept the Black population in fear and control, and other methods of suppression. The drain of young black people being smuggled up North into places like Libya to be trained as insurgents by the Soviets continued. Everything was effectively segregated; beaches, buses, schools, universities, the workplace and whatever one can think of. There was only one black university in the country.

This could not continue and flamed up and burst out in the 1976 violent school riots or Soweto Riots where the whites became somewhat knowledgeable about the state of the country; but it was all written off to ‘those bastard commies’, or in local parlance ‘die donnerse kommuniste’. White Regime children grew up with 2 dangers; the ‘swart gevaar’ and the ‘rooi gevaar’ the black danger and the red danger. But now, all of a sudden, the whites had to start taking evasive action as vehicles were being stoned; one could not drive underneath a bridge on a highway as stones on ropes were tossed down from the bridge and whites started traveling with weapons.

Western sanctions were declared in the mid-1980’s to pressure the South African government to end apartheid.

It put the country in a pressure cooker, struggling for currency flow, extreme currency controls, increasingly brutal white totalitarian control, censorship, petrol rationing, and a state of emergency declared by the then President Botha. The sanctions, like in Russia today, only went part way as new industry flourished; many countries were still trading with SA. The country turned to Japanese and French and German vehicles and despite oil sanctions, life went on. Sanctions busting became an overnight sensation and South Africa traded weapons with Israel. Yet, the push by the USSR and Chinese Communist regimes continued inexorably South, from the North.

Sanctions took its toll. South Africa was isolated. FW de Klerk had to bow under pressure and this led to 2 years of negotiations for a transfer of power, the release of Nelson Mandela from Robben Island Prison and subsequent Myth Building and the Freedom Election in 1994. The West proclaimed this as a Western Victory and that they helped to defeat the system of apartheid; but of course it was a clear win for the Communist trained ANC with the West enthusiastically participating and cooperating.

Apartheid, the system of ‘separateness’ was created de facto by the Brits and de jure by the subsequent White Afrikaner Nationalist government.

b)  Deep Background

Few people know that there were very few black tribes in SA when the various waves of mainly Dutch and French settlers started arriving. The Portuguese mariner Bartolomeu Dias was the first European to explore the coastline of South Africa in 1488. Dutch Settlers started arriving in larger numbers in 1652 in the Cape to build a supply station for the Dutch East India company. French Protestants followed during the late 1880’s. The Boers migrated slowly to more northern parts and found empty lands. Around the 1800’s, the colony was under English Rule and not even then would the new “Afrikaner Boers ” bow to the Brits and there was still an underlying “Pure Race” beliefset. They started trekking inland in numbers to get free of British control. At the very same time, there was a black tribe migration from Northern points in Africa, to Southern points. These migratory patterns met and exploded in South Africa. The Boers were settler-colonists who founded cities, built farms, trekked overland and developed a sustainable presence on the land. The English were trader-colonists with a different footprint on the land, and a strong connection was kept with Britain. The Black Tribes found all this available land and of course created kingdoms for their tribes. These were migratory people who moved on after a while. The Boer settled the land.

An Historical Novel by James Michener called The Covenant describes these migrations well. Set in South Africa, he traces the migrations of the black tribes, colored peoples, peoples from European descent, the few brown indigenous, as well as slaves from Angola, Indonesia, India, Madagascar and the east Coast of Africa). The novel covers prehistoric times up to the 1970s.


Anon – I was born in South Africa. I lived a large part of my life in South Africa and part in Zimbabwe. I am a farmer’s child of Boer and Afrikaner (with a little French and perhaps a tad of Brit and for sure a schmear of Black thrown in there) and now I am in exile from a country that does not exist any longer in any real form.  My absolutely favorite African animal which I have frequently observed in the wild, is a Giraffe. It stands high to be able to have a clear view of the environment and is a wonderfully elegant but incredibly strong example of creation. It is a peaceful and vegetarian animal unless you disturb it and then it will very damn quick kick you into your next lifetime. My most important great thankfulness is that life allowed me to see all of the big African animals in the wild without hunting them.


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