Dear friends,

The SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence team has faced the circumstances of insuperable force. Our servers were attacked, data bases were damaged.

We are working hard to restore date and information needed to produce tactical analyses with detailed maps. Nonetheless, we won’t be able to produce animated tactical analysis maps till Thursday.

Till this time, we will focus on the strategic and political analysis of the situation in Syria: tasks and objectives of the sides, available strategies, features influencing the approaches and an international situation over the topic.

The SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence team is doing all that could be done to restore our capabilities as fast as we can.

Thank you for your attention.

Your support will allow us to restore broadcasting faster. You can help project via:

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Adress for BTC: 1PvKhgVDoXp96Yyp7Pgs5uMPkChSMA2G5n


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