Jazz music is often famous for featuring amazing improvisations and that is absolutely fair: Jazz did re-vitalize the art of improvisation which almost disappeared with the end of the Baroque period.  Good Jazz, however, is not only, or even primarily, about improvisation, but it is about melody.  For one thing, the melody is often the point of departure for improvisations but, even more importantly, a good, solid and lyrical melody invites a great deal of variation in possible harmonization, which in turn, opens new avenues for improvisations.  Today I want to share with you one of my absolutely favorite melodies “Souvenirs de Villingen” which, apparently, was composed by Stephan Grapelli (although at least one site credits Django Reinhardt with this composition).  First, here is a version by my favorite Jazz guitarist, Philip Catherine:

and next, a very beautiful version by Stephan Grapelli

Finally, for the musicians amongst you, I found this here: http://www.djangobooks.com/forum/uploads/FileUpload/3_029c32c0dd9b8dbeb6c0fe41e377eafc.pdf


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