The expectation is that tomorrow’s action in Venezuela will either spark a civil war, or a type of maidan, or a complete war to attempt to take-over and topple the Venezuelan elected government to institute Guaidó, or, in the best case, will fizzle into nothing and life will go on.

This morning Maria Zakarova in her briefing warned that provocation is planned for tomorrow, the 23rd. There are 2 actions planned, a Pro-Maduro or Pro-Free-Venezuela march on the Venezuelan side of the border. On the Colombian side of the border, an erstwhile type of live-aid (refer the Roger Waters video) organized by the unelected opposition and those that recognize Guaidó as president. The objective of the opposition is to force the USAid into Venezuela. These opposing groups will be only 300 meters apart.

Previously Maria Zakarova (on the 15th February) warned: “We have evidence that U.S. companies and their NATO allies are working on the issue of acquiring a large batch of weapons and ammunition in an Eastern European country for their subsequent transfer to Venezuelan opposition forces,” the Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said. “The batch will reportedly include heavy machine guns, grenade launchers, portable missile launchers and ammunition for light weapons and artillery systems. So this is what they mean when they talk about delivering humanitarian aid.”

Russia has already delivered tons of medical supplies which Venezuela will pay for and other welcome aid is expected.

This is an open thread for Sakerites to continually report the facts for all of us, what they find while this tension is ongoing and much information is being generated. Let us kindly not make it a drive-by link shooting, but explain your link and why you think the information is valid, as we have seen much misinformation in the past week to either manufacture further consent, or to pretend that the Maduro military is wavering in their support to their constitution and their Commander in Chief.  Please stick to facts and please do NOT use this thread to post off-topic comments, please do NOT use it just to post your opinion and please do NOT use this thread to argue against what others have posted.  Thank you!

So please post any info you have.  This thread will remain open until Sunday evening.

The Saker

PS: you can post your comments in any language including Spanish and Portuguese!

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