A Tokyo post-apocalyptic dystopian walk-through documentary—You need to see this!


By Thorsten J Pattberg for the Saker Blog


Elon Musk this week tweeted that Japan is over. Finally an influential person, a billionaire, sheds light on this neurotic nation of dying turtles. I share little sympathy for the Japanese, because they chose 70 US military occupation, 40 years economic decline and childlessness propaganda, and now they are getting more iPhones, more Starbucks Cafes, and four Pfizer Booster Clot Jabs, and they all wear the plague masks to show they’re definitively Asian. Taiwan is much worse, though, and China takes the cuckoo of course. The following presentation is from January, and I got death threats, and the situation is no way different in May, so I send you this file to be preserved for eternity. Anyways, look at these brainwashed retards and their mass formation psychosis three years (!) into the brain flu—baka!

[Transcript, slightly modified]

Good morning from Tokyo! It’s Tuesday the 4th of January 2022. Has Japan fallen? Well today we are going to have a little walk from a suburb of Tokyo into the center of Tokyo, Shibuya, and let’s find out if the Japanese, as a people, have succumbed and declared defeat against the coronavirus measures.

I’m recording while walking because I think you have to see what’s going on in this country. See the car there? The driver? He’s wearing a mask!

Now this is the beautiest of all days. Look at the sunshine! It’s uh midday.

Beautiful weather and everything… Everyone is wearing masks. Everyone!

It’s been going on for two years now, starting in January 2020. Now, the Japanese are usually a very submissive and meek population. This has some advantages, right. If you work in a group against the virus, it’s good.

But sometimes you can go overkill, like when everybody falls in line goose stepping.

I mean this is ridiculous: there are people walking alone on the streets with the face mask. No person around. There are people cycling alone with face mask. And another one! A young person.

I’ve seen this now for almost two years going on. It’s everywhere the same. In the suburbs you see old ladies in their little garden front yards, watering the plants alone and wearing face masks.

What are they so afraid of? They’re watching too much regime TV?

Now let’s find some heroes who don’t wear masks. This one.. no no no sorry, he has the mask! He’s the one. That’s a hero yeah yeah. That is a hero… there’s another one… total failure! Face mask.

Another one. Face mask in black. Total failures!

Another two, very young athletic young men, wearing face masks on their bikes. Nah, you know this makes me sad. There’s another one, a female, coming from shopping. Makes me very sad, because as a foreigner, of course, you look at this and… uh it is easy to point out weird stuff that a people is doing to itself.

The Suburbs.

What’s the science behind that? I mean is there a plague going on in this country? No it’s not, it’s absolutely not. There’s no plague going on in this country at the moment. I mean this week they’re testing like hell and they have like a hundred positive corona tests, right? A hundred positives in the entire country, that’s ridiculous!

You know overall in the last two years there have been literally a little bit more than I don’t know what is it? Eight thousand? Eight thousand or ten thousand corona deaths. There are more suicides in this country, more suicides than corona deaths.

Okay I’m switching back [the camera] now. You have to see this to believe it! Just passed a jogger wearing a face mask, poor guy, didn’t film him.

Okay, as you can see, the streets are pretty empty.

It’s a working day, everybody should be out you know, doing something. This is good for the economy right, but people are keeping social distance. I guess I mean [look] there are some people talking over there, and uh they’re keeping the social distance with their masks on.

Good for you, yeah very good, so next one, yeah bicycle here. I want a face mask, yeah. Next is old man here, he has to wear a mask; he’s probably uh three times waxed but HEHASTO wear face masks, no?

Another one yeah, a nice group, probably family or friends, all wearing face masks. It’s good to protect your relatives and friends you know; they might fall dead or something ah what can I say?

Imagine you’re a foreigner in this country and you are NOT wearing face masks. I mean you’re destroying their entire theatre.

Think about that… not good. I mean, I’m compliant you know. If I go to the supermarket, I wear a mask and uh would you know it, I got “the jabs” of course – two of them!

Ah yeah old lady wears a mask, good for you! That’s another one uh very a hero walking alone outside with a mask, always good to signal that you’re in compliance with the government. What are you so afraid of?

Okay back… back to the vaccination mandate of course it’s uh it’s not forced it’s not like uh the thing they’re doing in Austria or Australia at the moment.

Not officially enforced… that means they can’t force you to take the vax. But if you don’t have the vax you cannot work, and they will probably fire you and, you know, DEHUMANIZE you in all ways, all kinds of ways. The Japanese certainly have their ways to enforce ideology upon their people.

There’s another lone wolf on the right just walking all by himself with a mask – don’t! I don’t understand it, you know, where do you want to go with?
It’s been two years now, man… WAKE UP!

Well I have seen it all, have seen uh private parties inside where everybody is wearing a mask. And I’ve seen neighbors on the door: We’re in a mask, don’t come in! Very much protect yourself, protect the country against a deadly virus where nobody is dying from… only people over the age of 85.

Okay as you can see it’s uh it’s a very lovely day today… you know I feel a bit sorry to show you all of this.

I’ve been witnessing this now for one or two years and yeah this blows my mind. What can I say um, is this a huge IQ test?

You know THE POPE himself… he’s not wearing face masks! And certainly not our millionaires and our leaders all over the world – the governments, you know, if they’re alone… if they’re among themselves, our rulers don’t wear masks. Why, well because they don’t have to.

There’s absolutely no danger, and the masks are not really helpful, and especially not if you already have two vaccinations and the booster shot. [Quote by Dr. Anthony Fauci:]

“There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask when you’re in the middle of an outbreak. Wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and it might even block a droplet but it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is.”

Very lonely, singular people riding alone on their bikes wearing face masks under the bright sky and the freshest air you can imagine…this is nuts, isn’t it? Most of the people should be at work in their offices, wearing face masks of course and keeping social distance… lots of rules to follow… lots of overwork, low pay.

It’s a bit weird to walk around and talk to yourself on camera, but you know this is a historic documentary; somebody has to do it. So, this little kid here is left outside without a mask; no dangers for the kids, we haven’t waxed them yet, yeah the virus poses no threat to her kids.

Nice all wearing masks. Postal workers. Very important, essential workers with “plague diapers,” right??

You’re not getting it… all the false promises: get vaxxed, two weeks and we are over this… no no. it’s not going to happen: you’re not getting your freedoms back, man, never, will not happen. And certainly not in Japan. This country is over. This will be your new clothes you have to wear for the next 10 years.

The Japanese always were a little bit… you know… a little bit weak against viruses in general. This is not to shame them or anything; they just had lots of influenza pandemics here in the previous years, and it’s uh… it’s… it’s awful! I myself caught influenza and I thought I was dying. It’s a “man’s flu” – men are meant to suffer more than women from that. We think we’re going to die, but we’re not. Just two, three days real pain… and then you’re over it. But of course if you’re old, you can die. That hasn’t changed much in history, it was always like this.

Tokyo now has a vaccination rate of (allegedly) eighty percent. EIGHTY PERCENT! So most of the people you see here are vaccinated. Do they loosen the coronavirus measures? No, of course not.

In 2008, I think, Japan suffered from a huge influenza pandemic; people forgot about it already, but it was intense, and the international medias (the Americans were the forerunners),they called it “the swine flu” – because it was from China you know. They wanted to shame the Asians: oh it’s always “the Asians,” isn’t it? The “swine flu” is coming, oh dear it’s so brutal.

Ah more people died from the swine flu than from the normal influenza, so they had a big program here; they controlled the borders, they made checks – but nothing compares to what we see now with this new virus. Right, I mean, this is insane. I’m walking here… if you’ve seen a person without a mask… I HAVEN’T.

I haven’t, and this is outside the shops! If you go inside, you have to wear a mask. If you’re a good Japanese person, you know how to follow orders. I think they don’t realize how dangerous this is, how dangerous… I mean, what’s next? What’s next, what do they want you to think and do next? Do they want you to throw yourself in a war against China next or what? It’s ridiculous. Do they want you to… I don’t know… to stop mating? To stop procreating? “We have too many people, stop it!” They could make it happen; [in fact] they’ve been doing it for the last 50 years.

Okay, we are closing on the station, the train station, so you can imagine that everybody around the train station certainly is going to wear masks, everybody.

There are media people at the airports in Narita and Haneda, lurking in the shadowy corners, waiting for aliens to enter the country not wearing a mask. And even if they’re wearing a mask, they’re still asking them “What do you do in Japan, it’s a dangerous time, we have a pandemic, why do you come to Japan?” They do that and then those poor foreigners end up on national TV – the NHK. It’s comparable to the British BBC or the German ZDF – state television, scaring the people.

I’m crossing the road, now going into the station… and I’m driving to the hot spot, the center of Tokyian civilization, to Shibuya, the famous crossing.

Let’s see what’s going on there. So this is going to be good… you see, I’m not wearing a mask right now, so what am I going to do? I’m double vaccinated. I’m as safe as they come. So here we go… you know I love public transport in Tokyo. It’s very convenient, and it’s not rush hour at the moment, so you don’t see the overcrowded trains so that’s good for us here for our purposes.

People from the city get a little bit geeky or snobbish, like in New York or Los Angeles, maybe. In Tokyo, certainly. You don’t need cars, it’s so convenient: public transport, hah! You live in the countryside, you know nothing: the people here, they really don’t need cars – that’s true. BUT, the rich and powerful still have [cars]! I know families who never use public transport, ever.

Why, PT is for the peasants and serfs! They [the rich] have cars of course. Oh, here we go… everybody’s wearing masks. Very, very compliant… I love it, it’s a good country.

So I wonder, might they come and arrest me like they do in Austria or in Britain? Saw some videos about Australia. Well they technically can’t arrest me, because there is no official lockdown, right. And there is no mask mandate. So, I can wear it, or not my choice. It feels, I do have to say this, it feels uncomfortable… So what I’m going to do is, out of respect for the people around me… I’m wearing my plague diaper on the train. Can be packed. And you do have to play along. Don’t offend the host. I love the Japanese, I love Japan… so I’m wearing a plague diaper – on the train.

[A moment later.] All right, that took forever, but here we go… it is usually very silent on a Japanese train. I’m basically the only guy who talks loudly… We just sit around in silence. They are watching their cell phones. Maybe it’s a good thing… they should try this [silence] in New York, hehe… or in Boston. No foreigners, so loud and boisterous. Everybody behaves. Very interesting. Good for public morals, I guess.

[A few minutes later.] All right, Shinjuku! We have to change the line very quickly. Very quickly, into the next one… in the direction of Shibuya.

A lot more people here on this train; everybody’s masked, very interesting.

[Arrived.] Okay, let’s do it… we are in Shibuya. See if we can find the right exit. A lot of construction work has been going on in Shibuya for the last two years. They worked very hard, “the essential workers.” Construction work never stopped. Supermarkets never stopped. And would you know, nobody died. Nobody was in acute danger.

Okay, let’s be the time wisely on our way to the famous Shibuya crossing. We might as well talk about the situation of the children in this country. Japan is used to catastrophes and emergencies such as earthquakes and tsunamis or influenza and all that, so um they didn’t close down the entire school system like they did in other countries – in Europe or America. They didn’t do that, or when they did it, they did it for a month or so, and that was it.

That said, they still authorized all these measures… you know: wear a mask, social distance, never see each other’s faces, forgo clubs and social activities. Here I am looking at the famous Shibuya crossing through the window… there it is!


Ah oh, it’s quite busy. A lot of Japanese flags. That’s always good, you know… be patriotic! You can’t do this in Germany. Good very good, and uh people start crossing soon, but now I’m still inside [the station]; you see these entrances are all closed… they have them rerouted, I see.

[Watching a crossing.] Far less people than you would expect… but hey, they closed down this road down right here, in front of us. It’s closed. It’s not really a complete crossing anymore…

Opposite is that famous Starbucks Coffee. Great to see the great relationship between the USA and Japan. You must understand that the vaccination is made by Pfizer/Biontech, so that is basically Made in American. Yes, Biontech is located in Germany, but it’s not really German at all… it’s all American-financed.

The Japanese were told: Here, you must jab all the people in your country – the entire population! The Japanese said “No, wait, we have to test it first!“ They did that with 40,000 volunteers over 3 months. And that’s why the mass vaccination campaign in Japan was delayed. The “international media” was outraged: The Japanese are too slow! No, they’re not too slow. They’re trying to protect the people against a bioweapon attack from the United States. That was actually a very wise choice made by the government. They should be very concerned.

Do not trust the occupiers! Never do. If they tell you there’s a medicine that cures all diseases, be very careful. Watch out, especially if it’s a profitable pharmaceutical gene therapy that’s said to work on all humans, you know… one solution that fits all the people in the world. I don’t think so.

[Finally,] here we are outside in beautiful Shibuya, I love it. The weather is fantastic. But still no people without a mask. I thought we might find some freedom fighters here, but no no. Shouldn’t there be some punks or you know… anti-social elements or anarchists? No, no luck today, just obedient sheeple.

O this is always so exciting. I’ll do the crossing, I’ll do the crossing… [hurry], if I can make it. No, I didn’t make it.

There’s the first bus coming, I didn’t make it, so sorry. But it looks fantastic… I just love the city.

Never give up, Tokyo yeah. You’re still alive somewhat.

Waiting is over, let’s do the crossing together… oh I love it… it’s very exciting, all these people with their plague diapers. They’re coming my way. I’m not wearing my mask, no way!

So do you realize the problem, I mean do you see the problem we have here at hand? We have two years of a ‘non-pandemic’. There NEVER WAS a dangerous pandemic, in this country at least, and the people are still wearing masks, and they are forced with propaganda by the US occupiers [to comply]… and of course they’re participating in a vicious enemy propaganda against China [the origin of the virus], so it all fits neatly together:

With such a compliant population, you can do everything with them, you can tell them anything… and they have no access to outside [information] sources.

If I were to watch, say German media all day long, I would go mad. Same here, it’s insane. These people are basically uh they are fascists, right. Same with what’s going on in Germany and Austria: its fascism, plain in sight. It’s really serious, but they have no way of knowing that, because they don’t see outside information.

How could people know that they’re in this mind prison, that they cannot escape? I’m getting really serious. [Look around.] I might be the only person here in the entire Shibuya not wearing a mask. Argh, where’s this going to go…

About the information… what can they know if they’re watching NHK state TV in Japan all day long? Their newspapers are completely state-controlled, with American oversight.

If you read the English language newspaper in Japan, The Japan Times, this is The New York Times Incorporated. It’s American, so that’s US propaganda.

Walking in the streets of Shibuya, just circling the center, and I am still looking for people without a mask – I can’t find them.

Do you realize the seriousness of this problem? They are not stopping this behavior in the next 10 years – I’m telling you. This is serious. Especially if you look at the intensity of the propaganda targeting… females! Women, mothers. Mothers care for their families, they care for the elderly and for the kids. So you target them and then all the men will fall in line. Nobody wants to offend the harmony and peace, and I get that.

This is hard stuff, man. It’s unnecessarily dystopian hell. Look at her, in a car, she’s alone. She’s in her car alone, wearing a mask. Can’t believe it!

Ah, don’t get too over-excited. Just keep walking…

I wanted to show you this because this is documentary material. See that entire family over there? They’re probably sitting at home all day together, and if they had the virus, they would infect each other at home. So when you go out, why do you wear masks when you’re with your own family just walking around in the fresh air, I don’t get it.

Kids are not required to wear masks, but this one wears a mask, GOOOD… good for his protection!

You know what’s going on over there? There’s the Shibuya Apple Store!

God, I love you Americans. You are great. Yes, I know, America’s good for Japan.

The store’s crowded. People have to wait in lines? Ah, because of the social distancing, I see! Good, good for you to protect your people when they buy US Apple stuff, nice.

Well, we really don’t have much choice, right? We’re all having the same devices. So the internet… Can the internet help? Well, the internet was supposed to be a portal to the world. Why don’t we get our information from the internet? There’s a one little problem:

THERE’S NO open internet anymore! You know that, right? You know that Google is censoring and shadow-banning each and every alternative voice out there. ..

Ah, here’s a brave father… that’s good man,… yeah he’s pulled his mask down to his chin. Good man… get some fresh air, man, it’s good for you [and your son]!

I was saying… uh the internet won’t help. It’s not free. It’s highly censored… and by whom? BY AMERICAN COMPANIES! Ha ha, you can’t make this [ __ ] up!

The “freest country in the world” is censoring the entire world. It’s no different than China. I have lived in China a long time and can tell you that third world countries in general have much more freedom than you’d think, because they have less regulations.

Yes, there are FAR LESS regulations and laws in third world countries, so you’re basically much freer to do things; you can say all sorts of things that you can’t say in the west… because you would immediately lose your western job, your standing. The west would destroy you.

The west is not free. It’s all a big farce. Okay, now Japan on paper is “a democracy.” What’s that? Democracy basically is: if the United States of America conquered you, or defeated you in a war, that’s “democracy.” You noticed that it’s the same with Germany and Italy, right? If they defeat you, then you become a democracy.

Oh, what’s that? There’s a biker… the coolest bike I’ve seen in years. Amazing. Well, he probably needs his face mask because of the non-existent wind today but anyway yeah it’s good to have a face mask if you’re riding a bike.

About the vaccination process. All the people get a letter from their local governments for an appointment for vaccination; you can make it or drop it, just don’t go [if you don’t want to], but WE had to do it because… you know… they threaten you with travel bans, and you already know there might be complications for the kids at school. If they know that one of the foreign parents is not vaccinated… you expect all kinds of [ __ ] is gonna happen, so you do the compliance thing.

You go get the first and, a few weeks later, the second jab, and it’s all right, but the paperwork was very interesting because there was a section where you had to agree that makers Pfizer und Biontech are not taking any responsibilities for side effects and so on.

They basically make you sign your consent, and I said No, I’m not going to sign it. You know it, I know it – we are being forced… basically it’s a forced, mandatory vaccination.

That was a big problem. Him and two nurses were all over me, trying to explain it to me, and my Japanese is very bad, so he spoke uh in English, and then he figured out I’m German, so he said oh it’s good he studied in Germany, and that it is a Biontech vaccine. It must be safe because it’s from Germany.

Also, if I get this vaccination, I would surely be permitted to travel back to the European Union anytime. It is a good deal, right? But I said I wouldn’t give my fake signature, no matter what, because the vaccine is forced.

So what he did was he scribbled something himself and made a tick in the right box on my behalf and uh that was it. I got the vaccination, never signed for it.

So how far will they go with this and do that to their people?

I’ve noticed outspoken philosophers and pundits in the world, talking heads, they’re experiencing the same. They’re saying something like well

“I complied [Jordan Peterson quote] the damn vaccine; here’s the deal guys – I’ll get the vaccine, you [ __ ] leave me alone! And did that work?”

No, the measures are still there, they’re put in there for us to be controlled and to be pushed around. We are pushovers!

[Gad Saad quote] “An asserted, orchestrated dance between a bunch of people who are really keen on seizing power, and the rest of the people who are more than willing to sit quietly and apathetically.”

[Robert Malone, MD, quote] “Any information or discussion which is contrary to ‘that truth’ will be suppressed.

And when you see all these pictures I’m doing for you today, you get the idea why that is. There is mass censorship all over the world, because this situation here is PERFECT – we have them ALL IN LINE, EVERYBODY… the people, they’re afraid of human contact!

Jesus, and this is um the middle of the week; most Japanese are sitting at home doing uh “home office” or becoming unemployed. The government doesn’t want to speak about it. It’s a socialist society, so they can always make up some social programs. Nobody, nobody’s really starving yet, but there’s a lot of poverty going on. They’re just good at hiding. Basically, same in France or Germany, you know, the homeless are hidden in social housing.

Wait, there’s one guy… without a mask! Good man good man. Good man, bro, love you okay… but the rest of you: sheeple [Meeh, meeh] !

Okay, we make a little round and we are back to the Shibuya crossing, and I want to show you some other places…

Look at them! Young people, a group of friends right… are your face masks really necessary? I don’t think so. We’re destroying the social fabric!

We’re back at the station. Hell, I wonder what will they do with all these office buildings [skyscrapers] when everybody’s working from home now.

All these masked warriors… very good oh it’s a French mask! Viva la France!

Unfortunately enough, I know a lot of upper class people, naturally, here in Tokyo. And they’re having a blast! Really, they’re enjoying it. If you work for the government, just imagine you can sit at home for two years now “doing your home office work” and get the same salary, and even get a hardship bonus – it’s fantastic. You don’t even spend money to commute; only “the essential workers” have to commute… not the upper management. The bosses sit at home and give orders via Zoom call, no problem.

Okay, inside the station… I think I’m still the only one without a mask. [Look around.] Yeah I’m pretty sure about it actually, yes. We might have passed…I don’t know… 40,000 people today. This is ridiculous. See, in Shibuya there live about two million people. Maskless, I might be the only one…


Right now comes the train for Harajuku, so here we go… just in case you want to know: I have no animosity, [so on the train] I’m wearing my facemask.

[10 minutes later.] Here we arrive at Harajuku. Now that is a very interesting place. Harajuku is mostly for younger people – fashionable people and teenagers.

Tokyo’s young adults come here for shopping or showing off their latest trends and fashion. So my guess is we find some maskless people here… because the young do always rebel, don’t they?

When they’re away from their parents’ house, wearing crazy fashion, they “rebel,” right? They’re probably smoking marijuana. Or maybe not in this country. But they do rebel, without supervision, so we might find some troublemakers here, let’s see.

First, I gotta take my own mask off. You can see my rash. I get skin rash actually from this medical mask, it’s terrible. Everyone else though is wearing a mask, so I’m feeling a little bit like some apostate. It’s above the heretic. I reject the system.

Not criticizing it. I’m not criticizing anything, I’m rejecting it. I’m NOT COMPLYING. Okay, here we are in the famous Harajuku district, it’s past one o’clock.

Very crowded, but not crowded enough. I’ve seen better times here.

But there is no social distancing here! THAT’S GOOD.

Right? Do you see that! As I said, trust the youth! They have instinct. If there parents are away they are now wearing… oh oh no they do, they do wear masks, or they do… oh I was wrong, I was totally wrong, I was completely wrong! I was completely wrong oh no how could I be so wrong?

What a godless place, what a godless place!

Oh oh yeah those two are eating donuts, this is good, this is good: if you eat, you can’t wear a mask. This is excellent. A very good idea. So get yourself a 100 yen (one dollar) coffee and walk around with a coffee cup – THAT will help and make the difference.

Oh the young people can’t be counted on. Young adults no no no no there’s no hope. They’re all falling in line! Two years after the corona event: just globally enforced compliance. If this does not scare you, what does?

People, this is outside. Don’t even go inside the shops. O the sight of it! I can’t take it. Too much for me.

Oh dear, this is the rebel generation? Have some self-respect. Anybody, ANYBODY, without a mask after two years into this? Japan never had 500 positive tested cases a day in Tokyo.

But nobody, nobody died. I’m sorry, I have to correct that: one person died today! It’s old people who die, and death is inevitable – especially if you have other illnesses.

Now here is a positive scene. What we see here [a gathering] is… we have young people NOT social distance keeping, that’s very good, it’s very progressive, man, I love it.

I love it when young people are showing the stink finger to the government. They’re still wearing masks of course but uh no social distance, definitely not no, no there’s no social distance, so this is good.

There’s hope, after two years of living like this, there’s hope… oh it’s very crowded, there’s absolutely no social distance going on, definitely not, so I’m here in the midst of it. I’m the heretic. I’m really the only one without a mask, seriously.


We’ve all seen the pictures of Jeff Bezos on his private yacht, you know… wearing no mask, surrounded by his masked peasants serving him stuff.

Just like with all our leaders: Boris Johnson in the UK having Christmas parties while his peasants, his underlings, the entire country… were under strict lockdown measures. It’s ridiculous because, internationally speaking,
it’s total global chaos right now.

China by the way has completely locked itself out of the system. The Chinese are going their own way. Of course it’s trade as usual, but only if it’s good for China.

They’re saying um it was probably maybe maybe the virus was leaked from the Wuhan lab or maybe it was uh brought in by the 300 American soldiers visiting Wuhan in 2019, who knows.

I think it was a [bio] attack, and that’s what they’re doing: they’re going their own way, they’ve had enough of it… you know… of all that western pressure. So China is locked up for the next 10 years, 20 years… yeah it’s serious.

It’s that serious. The Japanese are uh inviting some foreigners back, and so does Europe, right, but of course mostly the VIPs [very important persons]. I can see them on Linkedin. It’s uh it’s disgusting! These you know well-paid high officials, they have no shame. They just keep traveling and they’re posting pictures of themselves on empty airplanes.

So having said that there is no global solution. Do you get it? Even if they vaccinate the entire continent of Europe and if they vaccinate the entire continent of America, you will have no trust in the world.

If you travel from Europe to Asia, they do not trust you, do you understand? You can have as many boosters as you want – if you arrive in Japan or in China, they will test you again and you have to show your certificates and it will be an app for sure.

They have it in Japan, it’s already starting in Europe. It is on the way, and there will be an app and there might be implants… that’s easily done. And even if not… I mean… your mobile phone is your implant, right? You have it with you all the time. It’s your everything!

Again, this is Harajuku, a place for future people, and you see a lot of young people obviously walking straight into my camera, and they’re having their plague diapers on them. Nobody has any self-respect or an inch of creativity or freedom of thought left. Better for them to comply; don’t think.

See it for yourself, this is outrageous. Do you see where this formation is going? Okay, let me continue with the story about trust in the world. It’s completely gone.

They will strip you naked and trace you… basically when you enter into a foreign country; they might accept your papers of origin, but they might not, and then send you into quarantine, and you say wait wait in my country they told me if I had two vaccinations, and had two boosters, I’d be okay. But no no you’re not okay! If you come to Asia, do you understand, they don’t trust you.

This extreme dystopian worldview, this distrustful world is going to continue for quite a while, it’s serious.

My guess is that by now we have passed a lot of beautiful stunning young people, like this handsome young man here in his black attire, and this lady over there, also very nice, but uh I couldn’t tell from the faces.

You know I’m just thinking… Maybe they’re wearing nice clothes, but I CAN’T SEE THEIR FACES… really ridiculous this is; Harajuku – a place for the future people. But if you have a young, compliant and unimaginative population like this, where do you want to go with it? Will it help you in the future, I don’t think so.

Managing all the Japanese maths and science and kanji studies… yeah very good doing of things… but you’re not really ruling the world, are you? You need creativity, and if you don’t have it on your young people, you’re lost! LOOK AT THIS!

There is a couple holding hands, wearing masks. Friends, don’t do this! People have to stop this, this is absolutely mind-blowing at that point.

Let us talk about more positive things. People are realizing that they’re really alone. There’s NOBODY to rescue them. It’s the complete destruction of society, I mean… they don’t even trust their own partners.

Just look at this, they’re holding their partner’s hand, they are seeing each other at home, and they’re still wearing masks outside.

It’s ridiculous. So everybody is also on their mobile devices. At home, everybody is doing their own thing, nobody’s trusting the government. Trust is over. They know, they are the serfs and slaves, and they’re in this prison state, they know that. So they try to figure out solutions.

It will all be digital, the digital world, right. They will want to trace you digitally, so that they can punish you immediately, when you disobey.

Hang on a second, I have no money in this card. I gotta recharge my Suica card. Then I can pass through the ticket gate.

So there are guards everywhere… I don’t know what they’re doing exactly. What are they on the lookout for? Can’t be me, even when I’m the only person not wearing a mask, there no official mask mandate. Do you see that I just passed them?

I just passed another official, and there is no enforced mandate, they do not force anybody. Every person of the tens of thousands we passed today, everybody is doing it on their own free will, wearing the fake plague diaper! Frightening.

We have seen enough, I think. You got the picture. We are heading back home. We are leaving the city center, we are leaving Harajuku, we are leaving Shibuya, we are returning home to the suburbs. We have seen it all, and I think you’ve got an idea about how this is and where this is going. It’s not going to stop, guys… it’s not going to stop.


[After a few minutes.] Okay, I’m back in the suburbs in Nakano. So let me summarize what we just saw, the experience.

I think I’ve sufficiently shown and demonstrated that there is absolutely no forced vaccination or pass requirement. Nobody is going to stop you. You’re not required to wear masks.

I have also sufficiently proven to you, however, that the people do it anyway. There’s full compliance. This is assisted living. It is guided living… with the promise that there will be an end… in fantasy land with flying cars and I dont know.

A cashless society in which everybody is happy with their mobile phone in their bird cage or rabbit hole. Where they live spend-time alone. What do I know, but this is the situation here in Japan, guys. There will be NO uprising like we’ve seen in Europe or America or Australia. There will be none of it. This country here, Japan, is very disciplined, very civilized.

They believe that their government is having their back, and let’s hope this is true; let’s hope they’re going through this .- their way. This is all I have to say. I wish… I wish more people would stop, and stop wearing masks, and [start] being human again, and to be normal again.

They’re all vaccinated, I repeat it again, they’re all vaccinated. It’s been two years of pandemic like this, with no end in sight. Full compliance everywhere, wow… this is it. We’re going to have to live with it, and on to THE NEXT TWO YEARS!

[30 minutes later.] Ah, it’s so good to be back in the outskirts of the city.

You know… tranquility and uh not this mass hysteria… and freedom… I don’t know no… wait [a bicycle with a masked woman on it approaches]… what is this?

No no no no… you don’t need a mask!

You [___]!

The author is a German writer and cultural critic.

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