Submission guidelines for the Saker blog.

The Saker blog is not a news aggregation website, at least not as a rule. While I have special arrangements made with a very short list of authors (currently Pepe Escobar and Alexander Mercouris), I do not, as a rule, re-post materials already posted elsewhere on the Internet. I try to post exclusively original materials, at least in the ‘analyses’ and the ‘guest posts’ sections (the “war news” and “watch list” sections are specifically designed to repost external videos or documents which we find on the Internet, but not specifically submitted to us).

If we accept your contribution, and unless you specifically say otherwise, it will be posted under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 4.0 International license ( This means that once it is posted here, everybody will be free to not only re-post/share it elsewhere in any medium or format but also to adapt/modify it for any purpose, even commercially. In other words, as long as I am first to publish it, once it is published it belongs to you and everybody else. My goal is not to make money or seek personal fame or recognition, but to promote alternative ideas/views. That is called “copyleft“, the exact opposite of “copyright”, which I like to call “copywrong” and which I loathe.

In terms of length, I prefer longer articles, no less than 1500-2000 words. One of the few advantages the blogosphere has over the corporate media is that it is not limited by space. We also like to believe that we address a non-TV-lobotomized public, people who like to take their time to read and think. I therefore encourage you to go on a tangent, list examples, detail your references, etc. Of course, there is no need to make a text artificially long, but do take all the space you need to make your point and make your argument. FYI – the current record for the longest piece ever published here is over 25’000 words (the Special Report on Srebrenica).

Please assume that the target audience has a graduate-level college education or equivalent. I am fairly sure that most of my readers are over 40 years old, most of them are well read and well-traveled.

However, please do not worry too much about your knowledge of the English language. English is my 3rd or 4th language (out of six) and I make tons of mistakes: grammar, typos, verb coordination, etc. Contents are far more important than form, so worry first about contents and second about form. After all, this blog is about ideas, not language. Try to make your text clear and understandable, but don’t try to sound like Shakespeare (it won’t work anyway).

Please do not send me texts in PDF format as they are hard to repost and reformat. I prefer the OpenOffice file format ODT, but the following also work: DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, HTML.

That’s it.  If you have any further questions, please email me at

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