Summer 2016 fundraiser:

I really hate doing this, but since so many of you have suggested it, and since, frankly, my “informational ammo stores”, in the sense of Cicero’s “Pecunia est nervus belli” (“money is the sinews of war” – that very much also applies to the informational war), are empty, I want to appeal to the Saker Community once again to provide me with the means to continue the struggle.

Right now, this struggle is more important than ever.  Not only is the risk of nuclear war more real than ever in human history (we are already way beyond the Cuban Missile Crisis!), but the Empire is clearly trying preserve itself by supporting Nazis in the Ukraine, Takfiris in the Middle-East, Zionists in Palestine and in the USA and neo-Ottomans in Turkey.  All these movements enjoy the full informational support of the immense multi-billion dollar imperial propaganda machine (aka the mainstream media).

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Your turn to help now!

Trite as this may sound – I need you to help me.  Help me set aside the 4-6 hours each day to work not only on my analyses, but on all the other blog related issues (vetting authors, negotiating agreements, maintain contacts with crucial partners, work on community-wide projects or projects with our “brother in arms”, etc. etc. etc.).  And I do that on my so-called “free time” next to my family obligations and full-time job.

On my end I offer this: everything with no pay-walls, no advertisements, no pop-ups, no constant fundraisers and no “special contents” for paying members.  I also offer one more thing: the courage to break out of the confines of the politically correct discourse without endorsing or supporting any one ideological line.  How often  do you see that elsewhere?

Did you notice?

Did you notice that unlike the many news aggregator or news translator websites out there, the Saker blog is offering a very large amount of original contents.  I have a special agreement with Pepe Escobar and Alexander Mercouris to repost their articles already posted elsewhere, but almost all of the other articles posted here are original analyses, not just translations or re-posts. The same goes for the translation which I post here: they are always original translations.  While under the “war news” and “watch list” sections I do post videos made outside the community (by my friends at SouthFront or by Peter Lavelle’s excellent “CrossTalk”), almost all the articles in the “Analyses” and “Guest Post” sections have been written specially for the Saker Blog.

How much is that worth for you?

Give me the “ammo” and I will fight the battle.  If you don’t – I will still fight.  But it will be much, much harder.


“State of the Community” Summer 2016 report

All in all, we are doing well.  Our audience is steadily growing and between August 2015 and February 2016 the audience of the original (this) Saker blog has grown from 1.1 million page hits month to 1.6 million/month.   I don’t really care about raw numbers that much, so I don’t have more recent figures, nor do I have the stats for the other seven blogs (French, German, Italian, LatinAmerican, Oceanian, Russian and Serbian) are doing, but I expect that they all are slowly but surely growing.  As far as I can tell, all the blogs are doing well.

One excellent piece of news is that the LatinAmerican Saker blog will now be bi-lingual and will include not only documents in Spanish, but also in Portuguese.  Frankly, I think that this was an oversight and I am delighted that our friends in Portugal and Brazil will now have access to texts in their own language (even of Portuguese and Spanish speakers usually can easily read the other language).

The big news I want to announce is that the Saker Community will have a new member: a Romanian Saker Blog!  We are still in the very early phases of this project, but we hope to get this new member of our community online in the near future.  Considering the unique importance of Romania on what has now become the “eastern front” of NATO and the “western front” of Russia – this is an absolutely fantastic development.

==>>We need new volunteers!!<<==

Scott, my Director of Research, as asked me to share the following with you:

I need new research assistants to produce regular SITREPs. They should be familiar with our editorial philosophy and format.
They have to know at least one language of the region they cover, so they would be able to read locals Media.
We need research assistants for the Eastern Europe, Middle East, China, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and different parts of the former Soviet Union, or the “Russian sphere of interest” if you wish.
Our new research assistants don’t have to live in these regions, but they have to be well informed in local affairs, and know local languages.
SITREPs could be monthly, bi-weekly or weekly, depending on researchers.
Doing research for SITREPs is a tedious, and time consuming undertaking. Plus, it’s anonymous.  Please, make sure you really have time and patience to invest in this.  We have over 1.5 million people reading our articles. Research and production of SITREPs is a service to the entire international community
I will train our new research assistants in methodology of research, prioritization, comprehension, and interpretation of information.
I also want potential research assistants to promise that they will dedicate minimum 6 months of their time, and won’t quit before, no matter how hard it gets.
You can post my email for contacts. vmr6kk [at]

So, please, if you have the desire to help us fight the informational war against the Empire, please contact Scott!!

One final note

One of the side-effects of using up 100% my “free time” on the blog is that I have completely neglected to write my thesis.  After a lot of anguish and soul searching I have decided to take a rather dramatic step: for one full week, from Tuesday June 21st to Tuesday June 28th I will *completely* stop working on the blog.  Scott, my Director of Research and Herb, my Webmaster, will continue posting SITREPs and keep the Café “open”, but I will not write any analyses or, for that matter, anything else. I will not be doing any moderation during this period, so all the decisions of the moderators will be final.  Nor will I reply to emails, by the way (so please don’t email me!).  I will work 10 hours each day for 7 days, with all phones “off” and no outside interaction whatsoever.  Hopefully, at the end of this 70 hour long marathon something halfway decent will appear which I can then clean-up, fine tune, etc.  Considering that I have been putting off writing this thesis for 2 years now, it is high time for me to finally get to it.  I ask for your support and understanding.

So, that’s it for now.

Now it’s your turn.  Please help me and DONATE!

Thanks a lot, hugs to all,

The Saker

PS: I leave you with some amazingly beautiful music sent to me by a Portuguese member of the LatinAmerican Saker blog.  Thank you so much L. for that beautiful music!!

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