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Syrians are dying for Hillary Clinton, by Uncle Vania

Lieutenant General Stephen Townsend, new commander of US forces in Iraq and Syria, made the statement on the expansion of special forces that indicates belated coalition attempts to cover their July and August failures arising as a result of “blind-bombing”. These strikes claimed lives of hundreds of civilians. That’s why now there is a strong need to use special forces for more detailed reconnaissance and precision strikes.

The reason for the haste in which the American forces attack (and continue to do it) is the desire of Barack Obama to bring military personnel to perform only political tasks. As in the case of unsuccessful capture of Raqqa, the increase of bombing has only one purpose – to show voters before the presidential election that the international coalition is better than the Russian armed forces, and Obama is still at the helm. Everything is being done for the victory of Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. It will stop as soon as she is elected (or not elected). So now Obama urgently needs any victory (and it doesn’t matter what kind of victories) in order to show the Americans that billions of taxpayer dollars are not thrown away.

However, there is no effectiveness from such haste. On the contrary, more and more innocent Syrians are being killed.

So, in August a lot of people from Gandura, Tujan al-Kubra and other settlements of es-Saur (province of al-Raqqah) and Abu Kamal (province of Deir AZ-Zaur) were seriously injured and or killed because of  such “blind-bombing”. Each time about 40 – 60 people were killed, as, for example, in Gandure or Tuhan al-Kubra.

Russian aircraft are often blamed for this. Such “collateral damage” is very often hushed up. That leads not only to the impunity for the Americans but to the increase of “blind” air strikes. This also leads to an increasing number of victims among the civilian population.

Weekly aimless bombing kills several hundreds of Syrian civilians. Given this, Americans have also got hundreds of Kurdish militias and Arabs from the moderate armed opposition groups involved in a strategically self-defeating, but politically useful for Obama assault on Raqqa. It seems that U.S. wants to turn Syria into a scorched desert without any population.

Another reason for inefficiency of American aviation is wide use of intelligence information of the opposition. They intentionally mislead their allies to get square with the Shiites, Alawites and other representatives of different groups and clans that do not support the “Syrian Democratic Forces”. Hence, there is some increase in number of civilian victims, including in Aleppo and other areas of Western and North-Western parts of the country where Shi’ites and Alawites (the religious opponents of fanatical Sunnis) live. Many of the Sunnis have now left the unpopular “Islamic State”, joined the ranks of the “Democratic Forces”, and continued their “Jihad” from there.

Only the collection of facts about the crimes of American international coalition can reduce the list of victims and force foreigners to treat the Syrians with respect and not as “cannon fodder” or “collateral damage”.

Featured image: The U.S is painting their F/A-18’s to match the paint schemes of Russian jets in Syria. Scott

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