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Ukrainian war map by the French military (March 19th) + summary

Of course, it shows things in a much more Ukrainian favorable light than any Russian map, because the French are also backing the Ukies and because the French don’t have the same access as Russians.  But, for contrast, here it is.  Let’s call it “here is what they officially admit to” :-) Andrei source: https://www.defense.gouv.fr/ukraine-point-situation and just to add to the picture, here is a machine translation of the summary

Oh the beauty of Ukie nationalism!

Check out one of the hottest posts on the Ukie Telegram: This is the translated text: (red emphasis added) Good morning. This drawing in the hands of a girl is the dream of all Ukrainians. A new generation is growing up, which was not “brainwashed” by the Soviet mindset. This is our future, which we are fighting for! source: https://t.me/The3rdForceUA/559 By the way, to those who might be tempted to