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Greek minority member murdered by Albanian Special Forces

  CIA sees instability in the Balkans – Greek minority member murdered by Albanian Special Forces – This is how the plan for Greater Albania unfolds This analysis is made by Evangelos Kokkinos – Pentapostagma Enimerosis and translated exclusively for SouthFront During the “Anniversary of the No”, a day that is celebrated throughout Greece, Cyprus and the Greek communities around the world on 28 October each year, Constantine Katsifas was killed by

Clinton’s ticking time bomb in the Balkans

With all the talk about the Neocon’s fabulously evil and incompetent foreign policy one might forget that it did not all begin with Dubya and his administration. The first elective war which was fought in blatant and clear violation of international law, the UN charter and even basic decency was the US-lead NATO aggression on Yugoslavia. It all really began with the joint US-Croatian attack on the UN protection areas

The War Empire Forgot

by Nebojsa Malic The September morning six years ago that saw three hijacked jetliners slam into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon has often been called “the day everything changed.” What really changed was Americans’ skepticism of their own government – a fact that has been abused ever since. The man from Crawford who campaigned on the promise of a “more humble foreign policy” and against Clintonian “nation-building” quickly