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Andrei Martyanov: Feeling Sitrepish on May 20

Andrei Martyanov talks about a very important issue almost buried in the other issues.  That is the Global Conflict which he describes as the west against the global community coalescing around Russia and China now.  On the Saker Blog, Andrei Raevski called it Zone A and Zone B, we can simply call it the west against the rest. Please visit Andrei’s website: and support him here:

This is too funny to miss!!! (MUST SEE!)

First, a video from our heroic information warriors: Then realize this: Then look at this:   This is a satellite view of Snake Island AFTER the Russian either killed all the Ukie martyrs or evacuated the Ukie traitors (you pick). And, finally, the commentary by Andrei Maryanov: They invent a “story” of some defiant ukie grunts (long since debunked), and now, by showing some MLRS (Grad most likely) salvo,