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The GCC Has Its Sights Set On Ethiopia Next

by Andrew Korybko (The below article is a concise summary of a larger piece written for Katehon and inspired by South Front) A recent UN report says that GCC leaders Saudi Arabia and the UAE have contracted Eritrean support for the War on Yemen. News about the War on Yemen has pretty much been scrubbed from the mainstream media, as Saudi Arabia’s information partners in the West remain reluctant to

A New Day Has Dawned (reply to “Catire”)

by Andrew Kahn In responding to the article written by “Catire”, a simple note is needed before proceeding. The value in individual accounts, about individual lives, in relation to a discussion on nationwide policies within a revolutionary government – or any government for that matter – are objectively relevant when they speak within a broader context to the lives of a majority or even a significant minority of the population.

9/11 – Everything Has Changed But Nothing Has Changed

by Andrew Kahn 14 years have passed and what has changed? That’s the question always asked and perhaps that is the wrong question – the implicit idea being that nothing has changed. In a way, nothing has really changed, while so much has changed. It is easy for middle class US citizens to sit in front of the television and think “Nothing has changed.” For them, what has really changed

It’s Not About the Nukes – Reflections on Lausanne

by Andrew Kahn Voice of America Blog: http://akahnnyc.blogspot.com Twitter: @akahnnyc It feels practically like déjà vu. Once more President Obama has reached an agreement with one of the proclaimed threats to the United States – first it was Cuba, now Iran. So it is that following on the heels of a shaky rapprochement with Cuba, we see that the United States has reached a tentative agreement – in conjunction with

Hungary: Next Stop on the Putsch Express

Submitted by Andrew Kahn for Voice of América (Twitter @akahnnyc)   Once is a conspiracy theory. Twice is a coincidence. Thrice gets people wondering. Four times and the polished denials begin as conspiracy theory has become neoliberal reality. So it is in the Balkans, Central and Eastern Europe and former Soviet regions. Yugoslavia, Croatia, Chechnya, Georgia, Ukraine. And where next? The number has gone way beyond four – the time