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Is Ukraine On The Cusp Of A Real Uprising?

by Andrew Korybko It’s been discussed since the civil war first began last spring, but Ukraine might finally be on the verge of a legitimate people’s uprising against the government. The Color Revolutions in 2004 and 2014 were organized from abroad (despite the misleading mass media representation that they were popular movements) and aimed to achieve concrete geopolitical objectives on behalf of the West, thereby discrediting them as real grassroots

Hybrid Wars: The Indirect Adaptive Approach To Regime Change

Dear friends, Our Saker blog contributor Andrew Korybko has just published his first book.  Here is the press release written by our friends at Oriental Review.  Check it out and make sure to grab a copy of the book! Cheers, The Saker ——- source: http://orientalreview.org/press-release/ Sputnik International’s political analyst and journalist, Andrew Korybko, just published his first book on “Hybrid Wars: The Indirect Adaptive Approach To Regime Change”. It was

The Shuttle Diplomacy To Save Syria

by Andrew Korybko As all observers have realized, the situation in Syria has noticeably gone from bad to worse. ISIL is advancing , the US and Turkey are preparing for a “ comprehensive battle ” there (ostensibly against the terrorists, but most reckon that it’s really against the Syrian Arab Army ), and Erdogan’s War on the Kurds is proving to be a smokescreen for the creation of an Kurdish-free

For Russia, The Path To Laos Runs Through Vietnam

by Andrew Kroybko Southeast Asia is one of the economic powerhouses of the world, and its prized position in the global economy is only expected to grow in the coming future. This is why all the Great Powers are racing to (re)develop and reinforce their ties with the region, Russia being foremost among them. Ever since the onset of the New Cold War, Russia has been compelled to rapidly reorient

Nuland’s Plan For The Balkans (And How It Can Dramatically Backfire) – Part II

by Andrew Korybko PART II: Nuland’s Plan For The Balkans (And How It Can Dramatically Backfire) (Please read Part I before this article) Having laid out Nuland’s vision for the Balkans, it’s now time to reverse her processes and show how some of them can be wittily co-opted to liberate the region from unipolar control. The article will address each of the three themes that Nuland spoke upon and highlight

Nuland’s Plan For The Balkans (And How It Can Dramatically Backfire) – Part I

by Andrew Korybko PART I: Nuland’s Plan For The Balkans (And How It Can Dramatically Backfire) US regime change expert and architect of regional destabilization, Victoria Nuland, recently paid a visit to the Balkans to preach the oft-repeated gospel of Euro-Atlantic integration. Her trip comes at a time when the region is experiencing a spike in geostrategic significance , having emerged at the forefront of the New Cold War between

Geopolitical War Against Venezuela (part 2)

by Andrew Korybko PART II: The US’ Geopolitical War Against Venezuela (Please read Part I before this article) The Military-Political Game In Guyana The US is exploiting its latest proxy client, Guyana, in order to open up a second ground front in the containment of Venezuela. Franco Vielma, in a translated article for The Saker, brilliantly explains how this came to be. To summarize his detailed research (which the reader

Geopolitical War Against Venezuela (part 1)

by Andrew Korybko PART I: The US’ Geopolitical War Against Venezuela Ever since the presidency of the late Hugo Chavez, Venezuela has been the brightest multipolar beacon in the Western Hemisphere. Although Brazil is much larger and wealthier, some Latin American states have expressed fear about its future intentions, believing that ‘multipolarity’ is simply a slogan to justify Brasilia’s soft expansion into regional markets and resource reserves and replace Washington’s

The Geography Of Color Revolutionary Threats To The BRICS Countries

by Andrew Korybko One of the hottest topics of strategic research here in Russia has been the study of how the US uses Color Revolutions as a new form of influence and power projection. Because this destabilizing template can be applied all over the world, and not just against Russian interests, I wanted to share some of my latest findings with you all, in the hopes that you and your

Eastring vs. Balkan Stream: The Battle For Greece

by Andrew Korybko Russia wasn’t bluffing when it said that Turkish Stream would be the only route for Ukrainian-diverted gas shipments after 2019 , and after dillydallying in disbelief for over six critical months, the EU has only now come to its senses and is desperately trying to market a geopolitical alternative. Understanding that its need for gas must absolutely continue to be met by Russia for the foreseeable decades

Is a “color revolution” underway in Armenia?

Electric Yerevan’ is Sliding Out of Control by Andrew Korybko for Sputink Armenians have taken to the streets to protest a planned 17-22% increase in their utility bills, initiated by the Armenian Electricity Network due to the Armenian dram’s dramatic depreciation over the past year (about equal in percentage to the price hike itself). While it’s understandable that some in the economically struggling country would be upset by the $85 or so cumulative increase in payments each year, many find it troubling

India’s War On Terror Moves To Myanmar

by Andrew Korybko India conducted a special forces operation against Myanmar-based terrorists responsible for a recent attack. Showing its renewed resolution in combating all forms of terrorism, India recently launched a precision operation against Myanmar-based terrorists, killing over 100 of them. The operation was in response to a surprise ambush earlier this month that killed 18 soldiers in the Northeastern state of Manipur. This corner of the country has long

Wanted: NGO Whistleblowers

By Andrew Korybko Intelligence-affiliated NGOs have become a major security risk to the sovereignty of multipolar states, and they can directly be blamed for assembling Color Revolutionary social infrastructure and managing its regime change logistics. After the first (post-Soviet) and second (‘Arab Spring’) waves of Color Revolutions, targeted states have finally wised up to the West’s game and are now actively seeking ways to innovatively defend themselves from this destabilizing

Battle Of The Summits: Schloss Elmau vs. Ufa

by Andrew Korybko The mainstream media is fawning over the G7 leaders and their latest summit, relishing in the fact that Russia was expectedly excluded. They’ve decided to overplay the ‘cool’ factor of the event by emphasizing how all the leaders are casually ‘ hanging out ’, making it seem as though Putin missed a friendly campfire with his pals and not one of the most pro-Western meetings of the

ISIL, Kiev’s Nazis, And The Rage Against History

by Andrew Korybko The US’ regional proxies in the Mideast and Ukraine are on a rampage against history, doing whatever they can to bury their associated countries’ past so that they can more easily build their version of a ‘utopian’ future. This trend of ‘historical warfare’ is endemic of the militarization of historical memory that the US is rolling out all throughout Eurasia. With ISIL grabbing global headlines over its

Are Armenia And Belarus Wandering Westward?

By Andrew Kroybko The New Cold War, despite only ‘ officially ’ being a little over a year old, has already seen its fair share of dynamic developments, some of which had been totally unexpected. These include the Ukrainian Civil War, the sanctions war , the death of South Stream and birth of Turkish (and perhaps Balkan ) Stream, the US’ flipping of Cuba , and failed American threats against

9 May, 2015: The Day Russia Showed The World How To Kill Color Revolutions

by Andrew Korybko The 70th anniversary of Victory Day in Moscow was monumental for a few primary reasons (Shoigu’s solemn reverence, Russian-Chinese friendship ), not least among them the fact that it symbolized the utter death of any Color Revolutionary hopes the West may have still been harboring from the early 2000s. The patriotic resistance on display didn’t subside when the record-setting parade ended, but instead was uplifted to epic

Exceptionalists vs Integrationalists: The Eurasian-Wide Struggle

by Andrew Korybko All the chaos that’s been unleashed in Eurasia can be attributed to the existential battle between the Exceptionalists and the Integrationalists, represented respectively by the unipolar and multipolar worlds. A lot has lately been written about the emerging triangle of defensive and incorporative interests between Russia, China, and Iran, yet not much has been published about the offensive alliance between American Exceptionalism, Zionism, and Wahhabism, the three

The Haunt Of History In Eurasia

by Andrew Korybko Eurasia is on pace to become integrated like never before, with China’s Belt & Road and Russia’s Eurasian Union providing the structural basis for this historical connection between continents. The US understands the threat that this poses to its global hegemony (see Brzezinski’s The Grand Chessboard), ergo the rolling out of its latest postmodern weapon, the militarization of historical memory. Eurasia is full of a patchwork of

Pope Francis Is The World’s Most Influential Agent Of Ukrainian Nationalism

Foreword by the Saker: Today it is my very real pleasure to present to you an outstanding analysis of the role of the Latin Church in modern Ukraine.  In the past, I have written about the role of the Vatican in the creation of the Ukraine and the development of Ukrainian nationalism (see here and here), but what Andrew Korybko does here is look at the modern role of the