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Tag "AngloZionist Empire’s covert war against Russia"

Russia’s Foreign Minister accuses the US in orchestrating the attacks against the Orthodox Church in Ukraine

Excerpts from Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview to RT France, Paris Match and Figaro, Moscow, October 12, 2018   Question: Russia has been constantly, especially recently, accused by Western countries, the media, and a number of organisations, such as the Anti-Doping Agency and the OPCW, of election meddling and cyber attacks. Most recently, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the Netherlands came out with such accusations concurrently and

Documents showing how the Empire plans to overthrow Putin

This information was posted on an anonymous blog Drakula’s blog:  It looks very credible to me.  Just take a look here for comparison purposes. The Saker ——- West and Ukraine against Putin and his politicians Today I’ve got docs on Russia and Ukraine for you. The West got used to solving its problems using someone else to do the dirty work. Putin’s regime is an eyesore for the U.S., UK