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The Saker interviewed (in French) for Antipresse.net

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Slobodan Despot, writer and publisher, the founder of Xenia publishing in Switzerland, the Chief editor of ANTIPRESSE.net and the author of the books “Le Miel” and “Le Rayon bleu” (Gallimard).  Considering the hugely negative role the Macron administration is currently playing in the Syrian crisis (and the Skripal false flag) and the deafening silence of the French political elites,  I would

First interview of the Saker in French ever

That really makes me happy: Slobodan Despot, a Swiss journalist and publisher, made a first time ever interview with me in French.  Though I have now been away from Europe for 14 years, it felt good speaking in French again.  And I have to say that I had a great time talking to Slobodan Despot and we hope to repeat that conversation on a regular basis in the future. I