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Waliyic Islam between Theory and Practice

by Anwar Khan This is a brief review of an article written by brother Blake Archer Williams a short while again titled Sacred Communities and the Emergent Multipolar Landscape. Let me first commend our most esteemed Saker for bringing forth, once again, an intelligent, nuanced, and tremendously articulate pen to his one-of-a-kind forum. To say that brother Williams’ article was refreshing and educational would be an understatement. He had the

US vs Iran: a case of rotten apples vs rotten oranges

[Note by The Saker: some of you had noticed that I did post this article and then almost immediately removed it.  This was due to a technical reason: the transcript at the bottom was missing.  I removed the article at the request of the author.  Now that we have the full text, I am posting it again.  Sorry for any misunderstanding.  The Saker] US vs Iran: a case of rotten

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: the need for epistemology in the age of information clutter

by Anwar Khan Certain knowledge about things inaccessible to the senses has always been a challenge to man. It has especially become so in our times—those of the fake news days. As news of the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey hit the waves, it was another field day for the alternative media folks to provide “analysis” and “conclusions” on the issues related to this sad event. As always,

Superficiality as a Path to God: on conflating contemporary violent groups with historical Sunnism

Note by the Saker: I was recently contacted by a reader of this blog who, while praising the overall contents of the blog, also expressed regret at what he perceived was a pro-Shia bias resulting from what, both my correspondent and I agreed, were a number of objective circumstances, including many legitimate ones.  Still, my correspondent expressed regret at this bias and I decided to offer him a chance to