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Friends, I need your help, now more than ever!

Dear friends, I just spoke to our IT guru (Herb) and he told me that since the escalation in tensions around the Russian ultimatum to the West the number of pages served each day has doubled.  We serve about 175’000 pages each day.  That is a whopping 5+ MILLION pages per month (175’000*30.5=5’337’500).  I think that this is 2M above our previous record. The truth is that the Saker blog

Appeal for help by Ollie Richardson and the Saker (IMPORTANT!)

Dear friends, As you may be aware, during the first half of this year I have been reporting on the “Yellow Vests” movement in France whilst being in the center of it. Since February 2019 (after I watched in horror on a live feed as a Yellow Vest’s hand was blown off by a grenade the week prior) I have travelled into central Paris every Saturday and observed for myself the

I need a Windows 10 laptop/notebook

Dear friends, As many of you know, I only use GNU/Linux for all my computer needs, from my desktop to my Android phone.  In fact, I have not used any Microsoft products since 2000, almost 20 years ago.  But now there is an entire list of software which I (and a few family members) need to run which run only on a Windows platform.  So I have finally decided to