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PART 4- The Arctic dimension

by LeDahu  Part 1 Russian Navy frigates – the navy’s mainstay LINK  Part 2 Russian Navy small combat ships – versatility & lethality. LINK  Part 3 – The Russian Navy submarine rescue fleet LINK    In this brief, I will present to you, the main elements underpinning the Russian Arctic presence and what it represents for the Russian Navy. If you just want to read the aspects relating to the

What Russia should do in response to the latest Russia-bashing campaign

In Europe the Russia-bashing campaigns come and go with the regularity reminiscent of times.  Let’s try to recall some of them (in not particular order): Berezovsky as a “persecuted” businessman, Politkovskaya “murdered by KGB goons”, Khodorkovsky jailed for his love of liberty, the “Pussy Riot” “prisoners of conscience”, Litvinenko “murdered by Putin”, the homo-lobby’s call to boycott Russian vodka, the homo-lobby’s call to boycott the Sotchi Olympics, Magnitsky and the