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Novorussian elections SITREP

by Auslander for The Saker Blog International press has pretty much ignored the ongoing civil war between 404 and Novorossiya for the last year. However, for those in Novorossiya, be they far from the lines or near the lines, the war has not stopped and will not stop for another year at least. The casualties on both sides are daily, what was so euphemistically called ‘daily wastage’ in the ‘great

23 February 2014, SitRep Sevastopol

Today, 23 February, is the anniversary of the City of Sevastopol cementing it’s course of leaving Ukraine. I personally think that soon this will be a holiday in this City but time will tell. I have written enough over the last almost four years on Saker’s blog that I don’t think I need to fill most of you in on the events leading up to the 23 February Meeting in

Listening to Mattis

by Auslander for The Saker Blog I watched US Secretary of Defense ‘General’ Mattis live on 19 January and I’m reasonably sure a lot of us either watched him or know what he said. Pretty good performance from someone who should know better and I can not determine if the good Tovarich General actually believed what he was saying or not. He was a political general, pure and simple, I

Mr. Trump is a President-Elect, now what? by Auslander

We watched the election process from morning to late evening when it was very reluctantly called by the MSM for Mr. Trump. And the fetuccini hit the fan. I’ve never in my 70 years of life seen the likes of this election campaign, nor the reaction of a bunch of spoiled, entitled and clueless supporters of the losing side who have yet to accept the fact that Donald J. Trump

On the election of Mr. Trump, by Auslander

First, I wish to congratulate the president elect of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump. I can only imagine what this gentleman has gone through in this election cycle and this does not address the vitriol poured on his wife and children during the media attack, and that is exactly what it was and is, a concerted and ongoing news media and blog attack on Mr. Trump and

If it looks like a duck, if it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, it’s a damned duck

Video’s title in Russian: “Lviv region solemnly reburies the remains of soldiers of  SS-Division “Galicia.” This vid link is the tip of the iceberg, youtube is full of similar videos and the internet is full of charming photos of the beloved orcs with lovely tattoos and giving The World the stiff arm salute whilst waving their silly little flags with the crooked cross. So much for our charming ‘partners’ in

A Journey to Moscow

by Auslander We both do not like to travel and since the rampant corruption in the orc dog show circuit drove us out of the shows after Sophia earned her championship five years ago we rarely go far from our little ‘village’ on the north side of the harbor. However, we had no choice but to journey to Moscow Region early in April. With orcland closed to the peninsula there

Rules for Tourists, Sevastopol, Summer 2016

by Auslander Tourist season seems to start earlier every year. This year most hotels and hostels are already booked through the end of May, many visitors are coming down for the Victory Day Parade. This year it seems season will start around the middle of April. Time to lighten things up a bit with the new rules and regulations concerning our summer plague, aka tourists. You may come for a

The Ukraine is dead

by Auslander Ukraine is dead, dead on 02 May 2014 in Odessa, the coffin nailed shut a week later in Mariupol. Ukraine as such means nothing to USA or EU, 404 is simply another weapon to use against ‘The Russias’. The enemies of Russia thought they had a weapon to plunge in to the throat of Russia, instead they had a weapon that dealt an off arm wound, serious but

Crimea – the Way back home, with a introduction by Auslander

Foreword by the Saker: The recent shooting down of the Russian SU-24 by the Turkish Air Force, possibly also involving the use of a surface-to-air missile fired from Turkey, bring the topic of Crimea right back into the center of gravity of the current conflict between the AngloZionist Empire and Turkey on one hand and Russia on the other.  Though this was seldom noted, Turkey did play a central role

SITREP Crimea 13.12.15 by Auslander

by Auslander Electric supply from the mainland is now a fact. The first power cable from the nuclear power plant in Krasnodar Krai was put in operation a little over a week ago. The amount of electricity provided by this cable is, depending on who you listen to, 200 to 225 megawatts. Last night, 11.12.15, the second cable from Krasnodar Krai was put in operation, this resulting in temporary power

Auslander on war: War is coming. It is a fact, an inescapable fact.

by Auslander I am an old man, born shortly after the second war which in reality was a continuation of the first war. They had to grow another generation of men to slaughter and slaughter they did in a hideous dance of death the likes of which the world has never seen. Since the moment I was born, and before, there has not been one moment of peace on this

News about Auslander

Dear friends,I just wanted to let you know that ‘Auslander’ is doing well.  I know – I saw him face to face :-)Really, he managed to organize a visit to the USA and we met and spent a full day together.  I could not write about this before as I wanted him to leave the territory of the USA before posting this.  He is doing well and he told me

Polkovnik (Colonel) Strelkov

by Auslander Sketch by Christopher I’ve read a lot of reports this morning about, according to The West, the ‘catastrophic defeat of the terrorists and rebels with massive casualties’ and the ‘glorious victory of the Ukraine army in evicting the terrorists from their bastion of Slavyansk’ sometimes followed with ‘the incredible destruction carried out by the terrorists as they retreated through Slavyansk’ and in one article ‘the freeing of the

Auslander reports about the refugee assistance program

All the women and children evacuated from the fighting areas are doing well, some better than others considering what they have been through.  I can not report much on our efforts to evacuate more women and children from the conflict area to safety. There are too many prying eyes who read this blog for information and pass it on to the Ukies and their allies, read US/EU. I am keeping

Message from Yuri Dia Konov to anybody donating to Auslander’s refugees

Yuri Dia Konov, whose book Russia’s Diamond Ruble I recently reviewed on this blog, just emailed me and asked me to post the following: “For any donations given to Auslander I will send a free copy (PDF) of my book YANKEE ANTI-ZOMBIE SURVIVAL MANUAL or any of my books from AMAZON.  No strings attached.” Check out Yuri’s Amazon page which contains a full list of his books.Once your donation is

Auslander reports on refugees from the Ukraine and how to help them

The situation in Novorossiya for civilians in many areas is critical. In the areas under heavy and continuous bombardment food is scarce. Water in Slavyansk area is stopped some days ago. Electric also. The other important part of water supply, the removal of sewage, well, the Ukes shot those plants to pieces also. The situation in Kramtorsk is even worse, so bad that there are civilian bodies in the streets,

Auslander reports about the Ukrainian refugees situation in Crimea

Auslander reports from Crimea: Today after Church we went to a facility that is housing some of the children and women from Slavyansk. The group consisted of Father and his wife, a senior Navy officer and his wife and we two. The officer had informed the facility of the time of our arrival and who was in the group. I will not give the name or location of the facility