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Thanks guys!! (Saker return message)

Dear friends, After a pretty intense week I am back.  I still feel like I spent a week somewhere in deep in a bunker (been there, done that) or in a submerged submarine (I imagine – never done it).  But at least I am back at the keyboard :-) I wanted to thank all those who donated this week – you guys are fantastic!  Thanks for the PayPal transfer, the

Saker Community seeks sponsor for our servers!

Dear friends, In the past we were lucky enough to a generous sponsor who paid for the costs of our servers in Iceland.  This person has now retired from his job and cannot continue to support us.  We are trying trying to find a new sponsor willing to donate the funds needed for our servers.  Our servers are hosted by the company Advania (https://advania.com/) and the costs are as follows:

You guys are the best – thank you!!

Dear friends, I just wanted to drop you all a small note to thank you for your unwavering support and immense kindness, especially those of you who have written me extremely kind and supportive letters.  The last time I went to check my PO Box thinking that I would get the usual portion of commercial garbage (in the USA when you rent a PO Box you cannot, as in Europe,

Winter appeal ended: thanks so much!! (plus a few blog news)

Dear friends, Thank you so much for your response to my appeal!  You have responded in large numbers and many of you have send generous donations for which I am immensely grateful.  Also, I have been contacted by a lawyer who has agreed to help me.  So, yet again, the community has made a miracle happen.  I am both amazed and most grateful. One more thing: since this appeal was

Another day on the road (and maybe a podcast?)

Dear friends, Today will be another day on the road for me as I need to drive across the Ocala National Forest to bring my daughter back to college.  We have a few heated exchanges going on in the comments section and I have 15 emails that need answering.  I apologize to all and ask you to wait until Monday. Cheers and hugs, The Saker PS: I might try to

Good news!! Domain name problem *solved*

Dear friends, Good news!!  Thanks to a good friend (AK) who contacted the right person, our domain name problem is fixed.  We have now take the needed steps to make sure that it does not happen again. I want to thank my IT guys who had to deal with a rather crazy situation and who all went out of their way to find a way to fix this problem: they


Dear friends, I was hoping to avoid having to report this to you, but we might have some major problems with the blog in the near future.  This is not critical, but it could be a major headache.  Here is what is going on. The company with which we registered the domain name “thesaker.is” has basically been totally unreachable for over a month now.  We tried emails, calling them in

Blog news for December 2015

Dear friends, I think that it is good time to share with you some news about the future of this blog and what I have been working on behind the scenes.  Much of what I will describe you have already seen, but I wanted to spell out where I think we are and where we are going.  So let’s take it one by one. Guest Posts This is something I

Blog returns to normal work on Monday + reaction to votes

Dear friends, First, I want to thank you for your advice and opinions about how to deal with the privacy issue.  To my surprise, opinions were fairly split between option A and option B.  I think that I will take some time to write up a small addendum to the  “about the Saker” article Submarines in the Desert (which I consider to be the best meaningful introduction to who I

Saker on the road for 10 days!

Dear friends, I will be away form home from Sunday the 14th through Wednesday the 25th.  I will have my Android smartphone and my Chromebook with me, so I should be reachable.  Still, this will be contingent on where exactly I am, and the trip will include some very remote locations, and on the coverage of my cellphone provider and motel wifis.  This will impact my ability to respond to

My “informational ammunition” is running out!

It’s this time of the month again – I am going to remind you all, as per your own instructions, that I badly need your donations to work on this blog.  As I wrote a while ago, Please don’t send me into the (informational) battle without ammunition! Right how, the ammo is running out.  At least mine is.  While my adversaries enjoy billion dollar budgets! So, friends, please do your

Saker with minor, but painful, injury

Dear friends, On Wednesday I went hiking in the beautiful Florida wilderness.  The hike itself was great, and I came home elated and, I would even say, intoxicated with the beauty of what I had seen.  Yet somehow, I managed to sprain my ankle.  I did not feel that on the day of the hike thanks probably to a combination of good hiking boots, the heat (over 100F/38C) and all

Saker community news, supporter thanks and VACANCIES!

Dear friends, Our community is going through some difficult times right now and, as a result, we have a number vacancies. [If you have not seen it yet, click here too see a motivational video to encourage you to help us!] Here is the positions we are trying to fill: Latin American Saker blog Team Leader: the current Latin American Saker blog Team Leader is simply over-worked and over-stretched.  He is

Yesterday’s blog outage

Dear friends, As many of you have noticed, the blog had an outage yesterday.  Though I am not sure what happened, one of our IT specialists found the location of the problem and fixed it.  I am not sure whether this fix is permanent or temporary (I just woke up to a short email from him, we did not have the time to discuss this yet), but at least from

Blog news and a plea: Don’t send me into battle with no ammunition!

Dear friends, Today I will begin with some very good news indeed. New Serbian Saker blog A new Serbian Saker blog has been added to our community.  You can find it here: http://stepskisoko.rs/ The new Serbian Saker Blog Team can be reached at: info [at] stepskisoko dot com After all the two previous false starts, I hope that the “third time’s the charm” and I wish the Serbian Team all