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Russia’s President Vladimir Putin Interview to Bloomberg

On September 1, Vladimir Putin gave an interview to the international media company Bloomberg in Vladivostok. You can download the video here John Micklethwait: Mr President, thank you very much for talking to Bloomberg. We are in Vladivostok, at the border of Russia, practically the Pacific Coast is its border, and this is already the second Eastern Economic Forum that is about to start. What are you planning to achieve at the Forum? President of Russia Vladimir Putin: We would like to draw the attention of our partners, of potential investors to the Russian Far East.

Foreign Minister Lavrov interviewed by Bloomberg

I really admire Sergei Lavrov for many things, but listening to this (otherwise interesting) interview, I marvel at his patience with this constantly interrupting “yapping-dog-style” Bloomberg journalist. I just could not have had that kind of patience. I would have smashed my fist in the face of this arrogant jerk ten minutes into the interview. Good thing I am just a blogger and not a diplomat I guess :-) Anyway,