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Turkey, Azerbaijan Lay Claim To Yerevan, Dream Of Capturing Entire Caucasus

South Front The Second Nagorno-Karabakh war ended, but the hard times for the Armenians do not seem to be nearing end anytime soon. On December 10th, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gifted Azerbaijan with the great honor of hosting him as a special guest at Baku’s “Victory Parade”. Turkish and Azerbaijani troops accompanied by various equipment, including those captured from Armenians, marched through the Azerbaijani capital as the Sultan-in-Chief and

Russian Official: Militants Trained in Georgia

Civil Georgia reports: Tbilisi: Georgia hosts “special camps” where militants are trained and then sent to join insurgents in North Caucasus, a senior Russian Interior Ministry official in charge of North Caucasus region has alleged. “Georgia has become visibly active recently,” Nikolai Simakov, deputy head of Interior Ministry’s unit in North Caucasus federal district, said in an interview with Russian newspaper, Vremya Novostei, when asked about foreign aid to militants

Translation: Dagestan: How leaders of the underground were liquidated

Today I am testing a new option for which I would like you to give me some feedback: publishing articles in languages other than English, machine translated by Google Language Services.  I will try my best to polish up the translations *if I have the time* (which I mostly do not).  Machine translated texts are readable at best, so don’t expect high quality stuff, but the substance might be very

Russia, Azerbaijan/Armenia: All roads lead to the Caucasus

Georgia is eager for another war, but there are other fires there which refuse to die — Russia’s battles with terrorism and separatists and Azerbaijan’s bleeding wound in ethnic Armenian Nagorno Karabakh, notes Eric Walberg The Russian Federation republics of Chechnya, Dagestan, North Ossetia and Ingushetia have experienced a sharp increase in assassinations and terrorist bombings in the past few years which have reached into the heart of Russia itself,

No friends but the mountains – The Saker interviews Zerkes from Kurdistan

It has been three years now since I interviewed Mizgin, a pro-PKK Kurdish blogger who very kindly introduced me to the topic of the struggle of the Kurds for self-determination and my interview with her was mostly about the ‘inner’ aspects of the Kurdish struggle. Today, I am publishing another interview with a Kurd – Zerkes – but this time the interview deals mostly with the “regional picture”. The regions