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Look at the sick crap Chertoff is peddling now

Nude Awakening – The dangerous naked machines. by Jeffrey Rosen for the New Republic Last summer, I watched a fellow passenger at Washington’s Reagan National Airport as he was selected to go through a newly installed full-body scanner. These machines–there are now 40 of them spread across 19 U.S. airports–permit officials from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to peer through a passenger’s clothing in search of explosives and weapons. On

The man from Satan declares that Party of God “greatest US security threat”

There is a certain irony in the following: Michael Chertoff, who is a Russian Jew whose name in Russian means – literally – “of the devil” or “from the devil” (Чертов or Chiortov) has declared that Hezbollah, which means the Party of God in Arabic (حزب الله‎ or Hizb Allah), is “greatest US security threat” and that it makes “al-Qaeda look like a minor league team”. How fitting, isn’t it?