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China Sitrep: Cookies, Lil’Blinky and The Pain Dial

By Amarynth and intended as a quick update and a companion piece to The Saker’s Chaos piece here: http://thesaker.is/panic-and-chaos-is-clearly-stetting-in-as-the-west-fears-peace-above-all-else/ Victoria Nuland (affectionately known as Cookies), jumped the shark.  She called her counterpart in China and demanded, (asked, petulantly begged?): China Do Something!.  Influence the Russians!.  We need a concession from them.  Just Do Something!  There were the requisite attempts to deliver soft threats:  “if there is a conflict in Ukraine

Sitrep: Here Comes China: Great Chinese Firewall, Governance, Space and Spinach.

Selections from Godfree Roberts’ extensive weekly newsletter: Here Comes China. You can get it here: https://www.herecomeschina.com/#subscribe Further selections and editorial and geopolitical commentary by Amarynth. America outperforms the Great Chinese Firewall. We know now why China has the Great Chinese Firewall.  It is like a gated community to keep western plunderers out.  Its that simple.  Daniel Dumbrill comments on the seizing of Iranian domains vis a vis the Great Chinese

Sitrep: How Democratic is China?

By Godfree Roberts – selected from his extensive weekly newsletter : Here Comes China You can get it here:  https://www.herecomeschina.com/#subscribe Having recently read Godfree’s latest book, Why China Rules the World, I learned about trial spots, the history of these and how basically everything that is accepted by the population, gets trialed first, by the population. We change pace on this regular sitrep and instead of bringing together a wide

China newsbrief and sitrep

By Godfree Roberts – selected from his extensive weekly newsletter : Here Comes China You can get it here:  https://www.herecomeschina.com/#subscribe In the previous sitrep, there was good discussion on the High-Temperature Superconducting maglev train which is as fast as jetliner. We continue the theme of transportation but this time on the water.  China’s largest domestically made all-electric passenger ship, Junlyu, in the Wuhan section of the Yangtze River in central

China Newsbrief & Sitrep

By Godfree Roberts from his newsletter : Today, moderate and nuanced views of China-US relations are less and less valued in the US. In a recent speech at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum in California, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo portrayed the Communist Party of China (CPC) as a tyranny and called on the so-called free world to defeat it. This could be perceived as the

Diplomacy is reciprocal

Chris Faure for the Saker Blog The US suddenly ordered China to end operations from its embassy in Houston, Texas (remember when they did the same to Russia). However, diplomacy is reciprocal and the Chinese so far refrained from a further provocative reaction. They are implementing a fair tit for tat measure, closing the US Consulate in Chengdu, keeping options open for further retaliation. They could have fanned the flames

Color Revolution Comes To Hong Kong

https://southfront.org/color-revolution-comes-to-hong-kong/   Written and produced by SF Team: J.Hawk, Daniel Deiss, Edwin Watson; The Hong Kong protests represent a major challenge not only to the authorities of Hong Kong itself, but also to Beijing, due to both their protracted nature and a high level of organization resembling the Kiev Maidan of 2013/14. The Hong Kong rioters have gone so far as to produce and disseminate a veritable urban warfare manual describing in

China, IMF and SDR SITREP October 17th, 2015 by the Serbian Girl

Is China preparing for a “Super SDR” to challenge the US dollar? China has made every effort to bypass the US/EU financial institutions by creating parallel structures such as the AIIB, BRICS bank, launching initiatives such as New Silk Road, OBOR, and CIPs to replace SWIFT. They have also built-up their gold reserves in view of a possible gold-backed Yuan. So why is China so committed to the IMF? The

Ukraine & China SITREP September 27th, 2015 by Scott and Serbian Girl

First of all, I want to express my gratitude to all of you who responded to our call for research assistants. No one can embrace unembraceable, said famous Russian satirical character Kozma Prutkov. Solitary, one can’t; but together we just might. Human Flood in the Land of “We’re always right”: Europe should expect up to 35 million refugees. Apparently, the Ayn Rand Institute, a neo conservative ultra Liberal pro-Israel think