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Did a Chinese-Russian-Iranian coalition opposing NATO debut in Moscow?

by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya for GlobalResearch The Moscow Conference on International Security in April was used as a venue to give notice to the US and NATO that other world powers will not let them do as they please. Russia’s Defense Minister Shoigu and Iran’s Defense Minister Dehghan at the IV Moscow Conference on International Security (RIA Novosti/Iliya Pitalev) Talk about joint efforts between China, India, Russia and Iran against

Behind the Great Western Firewall Is the Ugly Truth

By: Jeff J. Brown Cross linked with 44 Days The Great Western Firewall vs. the Great Firewall of China: different methodologies, identical results. (www.guardian.co.uk) A truth untold is a lie. A fact hidden is censorship. – The Author When I recently signed off of Reflections in Sinoland, saying I was not going to do any more columns for the time being, so as to write my third book, Red Letters

Dear Children of Hong Kong

by an anonymous resident of Hong Kong Dear children of Hong Kong: Most if not all of you are very concerned about the puzzling scenes and conflicting interpretations/comments (some with fake photos) flying around, each perhaps serving some untold purposes. Concerned but not necessarily adequately informed (not as those who have followed the socio-political development in Hong Kong as a cool pursuit of truth rather than passion – to look

The tip of the immense iceberg of US diplomatic stupidity now spotted off the Chinese Pacific coast

written specially for the Asia Times Do you remember President Clinton ordered two US aircraft carrier battle groups into the Strait of Taiwan in 1996 to “send a message” to China?  Well, it appears that Barak Obama, the lame duck spineless multi-humiliated and multi-defeated President of the US of A just had a surge of testosterone and decided to provoke China yet again by mocking its decision to extend its

Syrian Army tactics and few examples of how Russia, China and Iran could help

The Abhazian Network News Agency ANNA (http://anna-news.info/ and http://www.youtube.com/user/newsanna) and its editor in chief, Marat Musin (http://maramus.livejournal.com/) have recorded some truly fantastic coverage from the frontlines of the war in Syria.  Alas, the video commentary is always in Russian, hence I do not show these videos here, but their latest video shows a good example of the new tactics adopted by the Syrian army.  Take a look at this photo:

An interesting theory about the recent tensions on the Korean Peninsula

Shevchenko I just heard one of my favorite analysts, Maksim Shevchenko, offer a very interesting theory about the tensions on the Korean Peninsula.  Here is a summary of his theory:There is no way the DPRK would have started that kind of confrontation with the USA without the blessing of the Chinese.  What happened in this case is that the Chinese told the North Koreans to “rock the boat” in Korea

Why the civilized world has a moral obligation to help Syria to defeat the US/NATO/al-Qaeda coalition

Yesterday, in the comments section of my post Assad and the Syrian Army are fighting for all of us, Uprooted Palestinian reminded me that he had predicted that what I had called the “US subversion model: Bosnia v.4, Kosovo v.3, Libya v.2 and now Syria v.1” would not work in Syria (FYI: the preceding sentence contains five links, not one long one).  He was right.  Something really different happened, and

China and Russia are Acquiring Gold, Dumping US Dollars

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky for Global Research There is evidence that central banks in several regions of the World are building up their gold reserves. What is published are the official purchases.A large part of these Central Bank purchases of gold bullion are not disclosed. They are undertaken through third party contracting companies, with utmost discretion. US dollar holdings and US dollar denominated debt instruments are in effect being traded in

What the quasi-unanimous adoption of UNGA resolution on “The Situation in Syria” really means for the free world

On August 3rd of this year, something truly remarkable happened at the United Nations: the UNGA passed a resolution formally condemning the Syrian regime and the UN Security Council but which everybody understood was really a condemnation of Russia and China over their triple veto of Western sponsored anti-Syria resolutions.  The vote was 133 to 12.  The 12 who voted “no” are:  Russia, China, Syria, Iran, Belarus, Bolivia, Cuba, Myanmar,

For the third time now both Russia and China have vetoed the latest anti-Syrian Resolution at U.N.

This morning both Russia and China have vetoed the latest “NATO-sponsored” anti-Syrian Resolution at UN: Good. At this point, this is not about Assad or even Syria, its about fundamental and absolutely crucial principles of international law. It’s about telling Uncle Shmuel – NIET! You are not the world’s policeman and you cannot force us to submit to your threats. On one hand, the fact that only Russia and China

Fars News Agency get the prize for the most delusional version of “The Russians Are Coming”

I don’t have much respect for the corporate media and, for that matter, very little for most of the alternative media.  But the prize for stupid, delusional, or even outright psychotic reporting goes to the Iranian Fars news agency which managed to print the following: “Russian atomic submarines” and “1000” tanks will soon come to Syria. Right.  I don’t know what the hell the folks at Fars are smoking, but

Russian and Hezbollah in consultations

According to official website of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon, Moqawama.org, A Hizbullah delegation visited on Monday Russian Ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zasypkin in the Embassy headquarters, and delivered greetings on behalf of Hizbullah’s leadership for the presidential victory of Vladimir Putin.  The Hizbullah delegation was led by Head of Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc member Mohammad Raad, and included MP Nawwar Saheli and Hizbullah International Relations Official Ammar Moussawi. 

What does the civil war in Syria really mean for Iran, Russia and China?

I was recently asked by a reader to update two of my past articles, Iran’s asymmetrical response options and For Israel war is the continuation of national suicide by other means, and that is an excellent idea, considering that the first one was written in 2007 and the second one in 2010.  I did touch upon these issues in a more recent article, Iran in the crosshair again, which does

China and Russia veto UN resolution condemning Syria

Great news: China and Russia veto UN resolution condemning Syria. God knows I am no more a fan of Assad than I am of Gaddafi, but there is no doubt in my mind that the worst possible solution would be a repetition of what happened in Libya, but this time in Syria. Furthermore, China and Russia are also sending a message to the US and its European “pack of poodles”

China-US: Wisdom not gunboats

A new US military doctrine, war games, and ASEAN troops in Afghanistan have stirred up an oriental hornet’s nest, says Eric Walberg “From a historical perspective, the US has continuously found enemies and waged wars. Without enemies the US cannot hold the will of the whole nation,” concluded Chinese Air Force Colonel Dai Xu, after perusing the 2010 US defense report. He points to the attempt to turn the Association

US-S.Korean maritime war games needlessly provocative

By Shen Dingli for Global Times The US and South Korea are implementing joint military exercises this month in the Yellow Sea, with the possibility of deploying the US aircraft carrier George Washington. The running of such exercises so close to China’s waters has left China strongly, and rightfully, dissatisfied. The US and South Korea may argue that the exercise is not in China’s territorial waters, so China has no

Russia, China, Iran redraw energy map

By M K Bhadrakumar for The Asia Times: The inauguration of the Dauletabad-Sarakhs-Khangiran pipeline on Wednesday connecting Iran’s northern Caspian region with Turkmenistan’s vast gas field may go unnoticed amid the Western media cacophony that it is “apocalypse now” for the Islamic regime in Tehran. The event sends strong messages for regional security. Within the space of three weeks, Turkmenistan has committed its entire gas exports to China, Russia and