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Cooperative – Your Daily Shakespeare – by Jimmy Moglia

There is a history in all men’s lives… and in all men’s books…  and the usual destiny of histories is to be told.  Here then is a short history of “Your Daily Shakespeare,” which is a fully-fledged Shakespearean dictionary, and equally “an Arsenal of Verbal Weapons to Drive your Friends into Action and your Enemies into Despair.” Perhaps I should start by mentioning Dr. Johnson’s wise pronouncement that “Nobody but

Powering the Words of Truth – Community Authors and their Books – The Saker

We have a number of published authors in TheSaker community network.  It’s all good reading and powers thought to truth – then, of course, it is unique.  There is nothing else like it. Of course first and foremost, our own Saker with his 2nd publication that is going to be a sheer delight.   We at the Community Cooperative get A preview of the name : Title: The Essential Saker

Powering the Words of Truth – Community Authors and their Books – Scott Humor

  The Amazing Scott with a cutting sense of humor that fleshes open that which is hidden and allows us the release of exhuberant laughter, but also reflection, sheer burning anger, and tears.  TheSaker says:  “… besides being a hilarious read, this anthology is also a wonderful insight into the often politically correct mind of the Russian people.” “Anthology Of Russian Humor: From Maidan To Trump: Humor And Laughter In