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The Middle East War SITREP December 5th, 2015 by John Rambo

A quick note: I do apologize for how late this SitRep is. Unfortunately I too must obey the great capitalistic system and submit to their demands (holiday hours) and the CIA is not known for its Christmas bonuses. It seems great events unfold every 2 weeks in Syria. The downing of a Russian Su-24 by a Turkish F-16 fighter has been the highlight. Russian retaliation has been a complete exposure

The Middle East Wars: Islamic State SITREP

by John Rambo The Islamic State: The Islamic State is going to get its own section after that last debacle you guys made me eat….. ISIL needs to be defined before a report on their situation can be given. So after this I can just focus on the tactical, operational, and strategic impacts of the Islamic State instead of who and what controls it. How far does the Islamic State