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The Dire Significance of Putin’s Feb 21 Speech

by David Sant for the Saker blog On Tuesday, February 21st President Putin gave a speech that was expected to be very significant. After it was delivered, however, most pundits said he didn’t say anything we didn’t already know. Most of them focused on his announcement of the withdrawal from the START II treaty. However, he said something far more significant. An Existential Threat What Mr. Putin said, when read

Carthage Must Be Destroyed!

By David Sant for the Saker blog During its rise to world domination, the City of Rome had one major competitor, which was its equal in every way. That city was Carthage, located 370 miles away, on the South side of the Mediterranean Sea. Carthage had been planting colonies around the Mediterranean and Atlantic for over a century before Rome was even founded. As Rome rose to power, these two

NATO Set To Attack Tiraspol?

By David Sant for the Saker blog Gonzalo Lira recently posted two soliloquies which were both accusatory and predictive about NATO’s apparent motivations and likely near-term kinetic military objectives. He concluded that after detonating a “dirty bomb” on Ukrainian territory, the USA and NATO would use the opportunity as an excuse to move the 101st Airborne Division from Romania into Odessa. 13:50 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meBMKIe5d0M&ab_channel=GonzaloLira%E2%80%94Again and 15:00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meBMKIe5d0M&ab_channel=GonzaloLira%E2%80%94Again both may be sped

Incentives: Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin possible moves – Donbass crisis.

By David Sant for the Saker Blog Several analysts have written articles about how Russia is likely to respond in the theater to an offensive by Ukraine to restart the Donbass War. My purpose in this article is to look at the psychology and incentives of Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin and the possible moves that each of them may make in response to the Donbass crisis. The Nature of