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Why voting for Trump was the right thing to do (7 reasons)

This article was written for the Unz Review: http://www.unz.com/tsaker/voting-for-trump/ Now that Trump has already comprehensively betrayed all his campaign promises and that he 100 first days in office are marked by nothing else but total chaos, incompetence, betrayals of his closest friends and allies, recklessly dangerous and utterly ineffective grandstanding in foreign policy, there are a lot of people out there who say “I told you so!”, “how could you take

Russian elections SITREP September 18, 2016 by Scott Humor

The upcoming Russian parliamentary elections President Putin made an appeal to the citizens of Russia to come out and vote. Considering that he is our commander-in-chief, his words are the command for all. In terms of getting familiar with the political parties in Russia, I recommend this basic outline of the major political parties in the following article in RI translation: Duma Elections 2016: Putin Majority Will Win, Liberals Won’t

Oligarchs beat Nazis in Ukraine elections

According to exit polls, here are the (provisional) results of the elections in Banderastan:Poroshenko: 23%Iatseniuk: 21%Self-Help: 13%Opposition Block: 7%Liashko: 6%Tiagnibok: 5%Timoshenko: 5%Assuming this is more or less correct, this means that the various oligarch controlled parties (in blue above) have won a strong victory against the various Nazi parties (in red): 44% vs 16%.  Even if we add the Self-Help party to the Nazis, we still get 44% vs 29%.I

Democracy and the quality of government

by Vladimir Putin Society cannot have sustainable development without a viable state, and, conversely, genuine democracy is an indispensable condition for building a state that serves the interests of society. Genuine democracy cannot be produced overnight. You cannot just copy it by reproducing somebody else’s model. Society has to be ready for democratic mechanisms. Most of the people should consider themselves citizens, meaning they should be willing, on a regular

­Russia: The national question

by Vladimir Putin For Russia – with its wide range of languages, traditions, ethnicities, and cultures – the national question is, without exaggeration, of fundamental importance. Any responsible politician or public figure must recognize that one of the main conditions of our country’s very existence is civil and interethnic harmony. We see what is happening in the world, the serious risks that are accumulating. Escalating interethnic and interreligious tensions are

Russia muscles up – the challenges we must rise to face

by Vladimir Putin On March 4, the people of Russia will be going to the polls to elect a president of the country. Extensive discussions are currently underway across society. I consider it necessary to state my position on a number of issues which seem to be important in this broader debate: the risks and challenges Russia will, inevitably, encounter. The position we must take in global politics and the

Democracy a la russe

Medvedev and Putin have recently announced that they would trade places: Putin will run for President and Medvedev will be his Prime Minister.  This was not exactly a stunning surprise, though some speculated that Medvedev and Putin were in reality more competitors than friends.  In fact, their warm smiles and mutual backslapping proves nothing.  For all we know, they could be the biggest friends on the planet or they could

The World Liberal Opportunists Made

By Chris Hedges for TruthDig The lunatic fringe of the Republican Party, which looks set to make sweeping gains in the midterm elections, is the direct result of a collapse of liberalism. It is the product of bankrupt liberal institutions, including the press, the church, universities, labor unions, the arts and the Democratic Party. The legitimate rage being expressed by disenfranchised workers toward the college-educated liberal elite, who abetted or

Election 2010 New USA: Unlimited Stupid Americans

No matter who wins in the midterm elections the painful truth will be that there will be no genuine government reforms. The real question is: Will this ugly reality finally wake up most Americans and compel them to pursue better strategies for fixing the nation? by Joel S. Hirschhorn (libertarian) Only one result of the coming midterm elections is assured. No matter who wins and how much power shifts from

A Win for US Interference

by Eva Golinger for Postcard from the Revolution Although it is undeniably true that the winner of Venezuela’s legislative elections last Sunday was the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), which sealed a solid and absolute majority in the new National Assembly, there was also another winner: US interference President Hugo Chavez’s party, PSUV, achieved a landslide victory this past Sunday, September 26 in the nation’s legislative elections, winning 98

Fading Color

by Vladimir Radyuhin for Frontline (India) The victory of opposition leader Viktor Yanukovych in the presidential election in Ukraine marked a crushing defeat for the United States-masterminded “orange revolution” designed to weaken and isolate Russia. In the first round of the election, held on January 17, voters threw out the anti-Russian President Viktor Yushchenko, who was propelled to power by the orange revolution in 2004. Yushchenko polled a dismal 5

Yanukovich — Man for all seasons

Ukraine’s new president — unless there is another Orange Revolution — has fashioned a comeback worthy of Nixon, marvels Eric Walberg Ukraine’s presidential elections Sunday were remarkable in more ways than one. The winner of the first round and favourite to lead Ukraine at a crucial moment in its history is the one politician observers long ago dismissed as a has-been. Viktor Yanukovich is mocked by his opponents as an

The gullible, useless, clueless and mindless Left

The situation in Iran is volatile and fluid and things could get much worse (there are already reports about Mousavi supporters being arrested with explosives!) and it is way too early to draw some deep conclusions about these events. One thing, however, is absolutely clear: the so-called “Left” showed no common sense, no critical thinking and no analytical capabilities whatsoever. Even the best Leftist websites and commentators (Pepe Escobar, Counterpunch,

Iran’s ‘Stolen’ Election: a Hardline Demagouge’s Victory Over a ‘Reformer’? Not So Fast

By Phil Wilayto for AlterNet As this is being written, official announcements in Iran today of a landslide victory by incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are being met with cries of “fraud” by supporters of his principal challenger, former Prime Minister Mir-Hossein Mousavi. The New York Times is reporting that “at least one person had been shot dead in clashes with the police in Vanak Square in Tehran. Smoke from burning

Rafsanjani: shark or kingmaker?

by Simon Tisdall for The Guardian The man accused by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of masterminding the opposition campaign to oust him from the presidency has dropped out of view since election day. But Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani remains a formidable figure in Iranian politics with a network of well-placed allies straddling the reformist and moderate conservative camps. If any one leader is able to force a re-run of last Friday’s disputed

Rafsanjani’s gambit backfires

By M K Bhadrakumar for the Asia Times (thanks for Lucia for pointing out this article to me) Iranian politics is never easy to decode. The maelstrom around Friday’s presidential election intrigued most avid cryptographers scanning Iranian codes. So many false trails appeared that it became difficult to decipher who the real contenders were and what the political stakes were. In the event, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei won a

Insider report about the events in Iran

I am publishing a report form one of my contacts who actually has, shall we say, “inside access” to the ongoing events in Tehran. I have asked him to explain to me what the real context of these events actually is, and I am deeply grateful for his reply. He also told me that he would be available to answer any questions his analysis might raise. So please, if you