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The Mushroom Principle

THE MUSHROOM PRINCIPLE (part 1) or How the AngloEuroZionist “democracies” operate: Keep the people in the dark and feed them shit by Eric Arthur Blair for the Saker blog After the dust had settled following the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, the US was ultimately forced to admit, after searching left and right, back and forth, up and down, that there were no WMDs to be found anywhere in

The OUN-Russia war (no longer an SMO): What do the parties want and what does the future hold?

By Eric Arthur Blair for the Saker blog During this current relative reduction of hostilities in Ukraine, the calm before the storm so to speak, it may be useful to reflect upon the goals of the various geopolitical players, whether stated overtly or intended covertly. This may enable us to make educated guesses as to how events may ultimately unfold. WHAT DOES RUSSIA WANT? The party whose openly stated goals

Cui bono? The Big Picture

by Eric Arthur Blair for the Saker blog (note: the author is not Russian, knows no Russians and has never been to Russia) Further to my last “Motive, Means and Opportunity” summary regarding who blew up the Nordstream pipelines (the USA), let us stand back and look at the bigger global picture today. Let us ask “Cui bono?” with regard to the entire Ukrainian debacle. First of all, we need

WHODUNNIT? A Pipeline Mystery (not really)

by Eric Arthur Blair for the Saker blog There have been several excellent articles (none in the mainstream media however), forensically examining who was responsible for the sabotage of Nordstream 1 & 2. Pepe Escobar was first off the bat with his usual brilliant analysis https://thecradle.co/Article/Columns/16307 Ben Norton conducted meticulous research and employed flawless logic https://multipolarista.com/2022/10/06/sabotage-nord-stream-pipelines-us-russia-cia/ Bryce Greene described how the MSM, with virtually all their sewer outlets acting in

Satirium est Ipecac in Nauseum Non Veritas

by Eric Arthur Blair for the Saker blog I thought that my previous “Propaganda Wars” article for the Saker would be my last one. I hoped to quietly vanish back into cyberspace obscurity, having sufficiently vented my spleen. But no! No! Noooooooo!! My spleen demanded yet more venting, my mental health required yet another cathartic diatribe, given the off-the-scale never-ending insane hysteria that continues to be pooped out like explosive

Propaganda Wars: Who is actually spreading disinformation?

By Eric Arthur Blair for the Saker Blog First it must be said that Russia and China are terrible at propaganda. Just hopeless. They are so lousy at propaganda, they have basically given up. In today’s propaganda war with the West, they have failed miserably and lost. However History is written by the Victors, and all objective evidence today indicates that Eurasia (more inclusively, the BRICS+) will inevitably prevail in

A guide to the AngloEuroZionist Establishment Lexicon

by Eric Arthur Blair for the Saker blog Neoliberal economics: Establishment version: modern free market freedom, practised by freedom loving people, to freely create freedomaceous wealth everywhere! Woohoo! Real World Translation: rigged system to funnel wealth from the poor to the rich by imposition of slave wages and debt servitude = economic enslavement of the 99% Disinformation: Establishment version: anything contrary to the “truthiness” narrative espoused by Western Mainstream Media

Another one bites the dust: shrivelled Lizzie drops off her perch

By Eric Arthur Blair for the Saker blog The Queen is dead. I am not referring to the demise of Freddie Mercury. That was ancient history, although Freddie’s passing certainly represented the premature tragic loss of an immense talent and deserved to be mourned. No, I am referring of course to the demise yesterday of an extremely old, extremely rich and extremely privileged lady who, as far as we knew,