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Russian fighter jets intercept U.S. F-22 Raptor flying over Syria

Note by the Saker: this is an unconfirmed report, based on a Russian social media post, so don’t take it to the bank.  But this is curious, so I decided to repost it. Russian fighter jets intercept U.S. F-22 Raptor flying over Syria source: https://defence-blog.com/news/russian-fighter-jets-intercept-u-s-f-22-raptor-flying-over-syria.html A Su-35S air-superiority fighter jet of Russia’s Aerospace Force has intercepted and visually identified the U.S. F-22 Raptor Raptor combat aircraft flying over Syria. A photographs posted by unofficial Russia’s military pilot Instagram account

A comparison of 4+ and 5th generation fighters

The Internet is being flooded with all sorts of claims about 4+ and 5th generation fighters and I think that some reality needs to be re-injected into all this. Thankfully, Air Power Australia, which always has very good technical analyses, published an excellent comparative chart which is very helpful in getting some sense of the real capabilities of the various 4+ and 5th generation fighters currently in existence: Ok. I

Russian PAK-FA compared to US F-22

I just found these pictures at militaryphotos.net: You can clearly see from these photos that the US F-22 and the Russian PAK-FA are dramatically different aircraft. As as aside, militaryphoto.net is a very decent place to get some good discussions on military topics. Unlike so many other fora, the jingoistic flag-waving trolls usually get rapdly denounced because a lot of competent folks post there.