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Hollande was the ultimate patsy

by Ramin Mazaheri The world can say “So long Francois Hollande – we hardly knew ya”. Hollande, after all, was a purely national-level politician when he won office. His big gig had been heading the Socialist party for 11 years, until his ex-partner Segolene Royal lost to Nicolas Sarkozy in 2008. Hollande’s similarities with former US First Lady Hillary Clinton run even deeper than partnering with a president, (almost, in

Pauvre, pauvre France!

It appears that Francois Holland, aka “soft testicle” (nickname given to him by Martine Aubry, First Secretary of the Socialist Party of France), has outdone even Tony Blair as the US’s most docile poodle in Europe.  After resisting US pressure for a long time and being fined billions of dollars for doing so, he has suddenly decided to cave in and suspend the delivery of the French Mistrals to Russia.