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The Double-Triple-Quadruple-Crossing Trump:

by Ghassan Kadi Trumps recent and sudden 180 degree turn on a number of international issues is mind-boggling, to say the least. But, if we connect the dots it becomes easier to get into the mind of the pragmatic billionaire-turned-President. First and foremost, we must thank Obama for the “if” state of mind he gave us about Trump. Many analysts, including myself, felt hopeful when Clinton was defeated and Trump

The Race for Raqqa

by Ghassan Kadi Barely two months into his office, Trump is still facing a very hostile environment around him both domestically and internationally. Many of his domestic election promises have been kept to the pleasure of some and dismay of others, but on the international front, his emerging policies are, for better and for worse, still developing. Some pundits believe that it is only a matter of time before Trump

Obama’s Legacy of Failure

by Ghassan Kadi In his recent article titled “Obama Out Not With a Bang, But a Whimper”, and in his regular eloquent and expressive style, Pepe Escobar nailed it. More need not be said about the Obama legacy, but this man, Obama, has had a personal effect on me, one that I cannot let go of without putting down on paper my own views of his infamous legacy. I am

Where have all the flowers (and the Peace Movement) gone?

by Ghassan Kadi Love or hate the Hippie era, it was definitely different, and it heralded the beginning of a new type of awakening in the West, and this time the awakening was not against the Western Church(es), but against the establishment. It is not by accident that this movement climaxed when the Vietnam War reached its zenith, and the more Johnson and later on Nixon intensified the US-led attack

Clinton and Trump: The Known And The Unknown

by Ghassan Kadi My American friend Roger is a staunch Democrat supporter. He is in his seventies and has always voted Democrat. Him and I have had countless discussions over the many years that we have known each other. His paternal roots are Arabic and he sees himself to be on the “left” side of politics, anti-Israel lobby, anti-Empire, but of late, him and I have not been able to

The Daily Daesh D-Day Dilemma

by Ghassan Kadi In the closing article of “The Daesh Chronicles”; The Prognosis, I raised the alarm about the high likelihood of Daesh attacks increasing in frequency and domain of activity. I even warned that they may become daily events that the West will one day have to contemplate. In hindsight, I did not expect the escalation of those attacks to reach this threshold so soon, because daily attacks are

The New Middle East: Exit America Enter Russia

by Ghassan Kadi Is the genie finally out of the bottle? A myriad of seemingly unrelated events and loose ends are converging in a manner that points in the direction of a huge win for Russian diplomacy in the Middle East, and we only need to connect the dots to see this scenario unfolding. What dots, one might ask? Henry Kissinger made it law for America to protect Israel. In

The Trump Card: a possibly NATO-Domino Effect

by Ghassan Kadi As the world sits and watches the horrors of the American elections, many non-Americans are relieved that they don’t have to choose between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton; and for obvious reasons. Hillary comes from the old school of American politics; for bad or for worse. Her “reign”, if she makes it, will be a virtual continuation of the Obama administration. Even if she implements changes, and

Western Evangelism Encroaching On Syrian Orthodoxy

by Ghassan Kadi When you close the door in the face of an evil like Daesh, another will find a way in through the window, and if you close the window, it will find a way through the keyhole. Such is the nature of insidious evil. Western evangelists are now pushing to get a foothold in Syria. They cloak themselves with disguises of support and friendship and use words that

Mohamed Bin Salman: The accidental Saudi “King”

by Ghassan Kadi The thirty year old Saudi Prince, Mohamed, son of incumbent King Salman has risen to prominence by way of mere chance. When I worked and lived in Riyadh back in 1979-1980, nearly every Saudi government office I ever walked into had at least one wall that featured the then four-tiered royal lineage. Back then, Khaled was king, so his portrait was the main one, followed by the

The unforgiving choice: enemies versus allies

by Ghassan Kadi On global account, and especially when it comes to Syria, thanks, a great deal of thanks must be given to Russia, her people and leadership for the wonderful support. Thank you President Putin. Thank you so much. President Putin however, would not have backed a nation which was not strong in her resolve, one that does not have a determined army, and one that does not have

The Daesh Chronicles: The Prognosis

by Ghassan Kadi The world has got to realize that the ideology that underpins Daesh is coming to a head. It had been latent for a long time, and now it has fully awakened and will not put its case to rest before one of two things happen; either that it will get its way, or it will be crushed, both militarily and, most importantly, ideologically. And if the world

The Daesh Chronicles: the Antithesis

by Ghassan Kadi I will again reiterate, in this very first sentence, that Islam is a religion of wisdom and peace. But this same approach did not stop critics in the past from throwing accusations that I was insulting Islam and the Holy Quran, and I am certain that similar accusations will be made now. In reality however, those who are insulting Islam the most are the Muslims who commit

The Daesh Chronicles: The “We-Told-You-So” Story

by Ghassan Kadi When the so-called “Arab Spring” took off, Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, son of Muammar Gaddafi, made a televised speech to Libyans warning them, and the world, of what would happen should the central government in Tripoli fall apart. His predictions included that Al-Qaeda would come in and Libya would be partitioned into at least three states. Apart from being unable to predict that the resurrected Al-Qaeda was going

The Daesh Chronicles: The Definition Challenge

by Ghassan Kadi Islam, real Islam, is a religion of piety, wisdom and peace, and Muslims, real Muslims are not terrorists. Even though all terrorists that have been caught involved in terrorism are “Muslims”, this does not give a blanket description of all Muslims as beings terrorists. Those who “use” terrorism to spew hatred towards Islam and indiscriminately against all Muslims have their own agenda. These are the true Islamophobes.

Syrian-Turkish Border Security: Check Point Taurus

by Ghassan Kadi My previous article titled “Kurdish Autonomy; Partition Or Master Plan” was met with some controversy. Some readers seemed to have missed a very basic point it raised. Others misunderstood the main issue and tried to put words into my mouth saying that the article condoned partition and argued that Syrian Kurds should not be given independence and a separate state, even though the article clearly indicated that

Kurdish Autonomy – partition or master plan

by Ghassan Kadi No one can claim to understand what goes on within the Kurdish mind except the Kurds themselves, perhaps not all the Kurds do either. It is rather amazing that non-Kurds expect Kurds to have one voice, one aspiration, one political orientation, and as if all other nations are united in a manner that is manifested in a single voice. How interesting! Is there a single nation on

Russia’s Syrian initiative: over but not out

by Ghassan Kadi The enemies of Syria have been gleefully watching Syria getting dismembered, its people killed and its infrastructure destroyed for five long years. Every time an icon was destroyed, they leaped with joy. Every time they conjured up a plot to widen the scope of the war and involve NATO, they impatiently sat in front of their televisions waiting and bracing to hear that the presidential palace has

Fundamentalism on the rise: a Sunni-Jewish Convergence

by Ghassan Kadi In an article published in the Lebanese daily Assafir on 12th of March 2016 under the title of “Saudi Arabia paves the way for an Israelis war on Lebanon”, (1) the political editor sarcastically and mockingly made a comment to the effect that after the Arab League declared Hezbollah a terrorist organisation, it may formally ask Israel to engage in a war against it. As a matter

Arab days of shame (MUST READ!)

by Ghassan Kadi The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has finally had it its way. A meeting held last month of GCC and other Arab Foreign Ministers has condemned Iran for the attack on the Saudi Embassy incident, and the Lebanese Foreign Minister Basil; from the 8th of March Coalition pro-Hezbollah camp, abstained from voting. As a result, Lebanon was punished by Saudi Arabia as the latter decided to renege on