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Hated by those who hate Russia

by Iben Thranholm Recently Marie Krarup, a member of the Danish Parliament for the Danish People’s Party – contacted me to say that the EU task force East Stratcom has placed me on a list branding me as a pro-Russian propagandist and is accusing me of spreading Russian disinformation. This organisation was set up in March 2015 by the European Council to implement an action plan on strategic communication to

RT’s Anissa Naouai interviews Iben Thranholm

I don’t know if Iben Thranholm gets as much hate mail as I do (though I suspect that she probably does), but I will say that I totally agree with her: the modern European culture has “de-masculinized” European men no less than it has de-feminized European women.  It is good to see somebody, especially two brilliant ladies like Naouai and Thranholm, having the courage to speak the truth and not