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MUST WATCH: Strelkov vs Starikov debate

MUST WATCH: a very high quality debate between Igor Strelkov and Nikolai Starikov. Most Russians views did say that Strelkov won the debate. I completely disagree. What do you think?     A HUGE THANK YOU to all those who translated and subtitled this most interesting confrontation between two good and very intelligent men! Translation: Shurik, DzhMM, Eugenia Production: Marina & Augmented Ether   Your turn to vote now: Who

Igor Strelkov’s views – in his own words

Dear friends,I came across this rather interesting compilation by Sputnikpogram of statements by Igor Strelkov made between 2011 and 2013 and I decided that it was important enough to ask my Russian Team to translate it to share it with you (Translation: Gideon; Editing: Heather, Kristin – thanks a lot guys, you rock!).  There is a lot of stupid speculation about what Strelkov does or does not believe or stand

Igor Strelkov : War Awaits Russia

Note:  Since the issue of Russian monarchy is, judging by the pre and post podcast questions and comments, clearly of interest to many of you I think that I need to explain something important here. The movie which Strelkov and host Krutov are mentioning at the beginning of the interview is about a very interesting Russian author named Ivan Solonevich and who was the chief ideologue of a movement originally

Igor Strelkov replies to Mikhail Khodorkovsky (UPDATED!)

Dear friends,Today I am submitting to your attention two interesting documents. A speech by “ex-oligarch and mobster now turned democratic activist” Mikhail Khodorkovsky and a reply to that speech by Igor Strelkov. Make no mistake, there is a war going on. True, it has not yet turned into a shooting war with armies on both sides unleashing their power, but this is a war nevertheless. This war opposes, on one

Strelkov: from swimming with Piranhas to swimming with Great White sharks

INTRODUCTION: Yesterday’s press conference by Strelkov is, I believe, a historical moment because it marks the move of Strelkov from the Novorussian military struggle into the much larger, and far more dangerous struggle, the struggle for the political future of Russia.  This in itself is no necessarily unexpected, but the way he did it was a surprise, at least for me.  But before I zoom out to the bigger picture,

Request for assistance: Strelkov press conference media coverage

Dear friends,I promised myself that I would go away from the keyboard but I could not, there is just so much going on!  I am working on a analysis/commentary of the Strelkov press conference and I could need some help here.  Can you help me find out which media did cover it and how?For example, not a single Russian TV channel has said a word about it, at least so

BREAKING NEWS – Strelkov makes a historical press conference!

Dear friends,I just wanted to share with you the news that Igor Strelkov has made a truly historical press conference.  For those understanding Russian, please see here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUQeJHqNZFsAs soon as I get a translation or, better, a subtitled video I will post it here.At this point I will only say that his statements are both very powerful and very subtle and a very careful analysis of his statements needs to be

Igor Strelkov: I will definitely continue to fight for my Homeland in one format or another.

From the English version of the Colonel Cassad blog. The following was posted by Igor Strelkov on a Russian social forum Comrades and the accompanying ladies!Snake [n.b. a nickname of a forum admin?] talked me into logging into the forum and telling at least a few words about what is happening. Due to a number of circumstances I won’t comment in any way on the events that occur in Novorossia.

Laughter and concern

First, some laugher: I just want to show you how Ukie nationalists (Shevchenko and Liashko) interact with each other.  This needs no translation:Precious, no? Then, the possibly very bad new: Vzgliad is reporting that Igor Strelkov has resigned his position as Defense Minister.  If confirmed – Vzgliad is usually well-informed – this is very bad news.  Not that Novorussia lacks capable military leaders, but because Strelkov had managed to subordinate

What Makes Strelkov Feel “Melancholy” – Military-Political Situation Report, July 20, 2014

Note: this article is dated July 20th because it took 2 days to translate it. I think that this is a *must read* for all those who wonder about the nature of the ugle behind-the-scenes infighting between various Russian groups about the future of Novorussia. A huge “thank you!!!” to all those who helped translate this most interesting text. The Saker——-What Makes Strelkov Feel “Melancholy” – Military-Political Situation Report, July

Part II – Press-Conference of Igor Strelkov and Alexander Borodai, Donetsk, July 10, 2014 (UPDATED with video!)

Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov(Note: Rough Translation; Subject to Change) Video: Part II of Press-Conference of I. Strelkov and A. Borodai, Donetsk, July 10, 2014 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=we8K1-dpyNU “Believe it or Not” or Truth and Rumours About Igor Strelkov Igor Strelkov: (cont’d from Part I) … all the light arms and a portion of our armour and heavy weaponry, such as artillery, were taken out of the city and are currently

Interview with Igor Strelkov, First Republican Channel (DPR), July 8, 2014

Video: Interview with Igor Strelkov, July 8, 2014translation by Gleb Bazov(three possible sources showing the same video)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0kqTrTjc1c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zU30wrLrX-Y https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfmjjR1Y04A Host: Good day, today, in the studio of our First Republican television channel, we welcome, for the purpose of making an address to the citizens of DPR [Donetsk People’s Republic], the Minister of Defence and the Chairman of the Security Council, Igor Ivanovich Strelkov … Igor Strelkov: Good day. Host: And the

Polkovnik (Colonel) Strelkov

by Auslander Sketch by Christopher I’ve read a lot of reports this morning about, according to The West, the ‘catastrophic defeat of the terrorists and rebels with massive casualties’ and the ‘glorious victory of the Ukraine army in evicting the terrorists from their bastion of Slavyansk’ sometimes followed with ‘the incredible destruction carried out by the terrorists as they retreated through Slavyansk’ and in one article ‘the freeing of the

Video: Urgent Appeal by Igor Strelkov, July 3, 2014 (incl. transcript)

Good day. I would like to make a short statement with respect to what is happening around Slavyansk. With respect to what is happening here. And, well, make an appeal, if you will. Yesterday, the enemy completely surrounded Nikolayevka. The enemy shelled the city in the fiercest possible way, using all types of weapons. Using heavy MLRS systems, howitzers, mortars, tanks, APCs. The destruction is enormous. It is simply impossible


Translated from English by Gleb Bazov (emphasis in red added by me – The Saker) Original: http://icorpus.ru/zayavlenie-ot-strelkova-22-06-2014-2003/ I am categorically opposed to any “cult of personality” which some have started to sculpt out of my persona on various websites with a “patriotic” and “pseudo-patriotic” thematic. Actually, and frankly speaking, it is extremely unpleasant to read things about myself that are obviously devoid of reality. Many of the skills that are