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The Conservative Revolution: the “Left” Dilemma

by Iman Safi Part II; The “Left” Dilemma: (for part I, please see here) To understand where the global “left”-“right” divides stands now, we must take a quick look at some key developments and join them together within the particular context sought; because the roots of this divide go back to the times during which the Western mind was in the process of choosing between such issues as succumbing to

Trump’s “Conservative Revolution” (A view from Oz)

by Iman Safi The major political parties of Western democracies; the Conservatives on one hand and the Liberal Progressives on the other hand, irrespective what specific names they give themselves, are by-and-large based on the “traditional” so-called right versus left divide. This divide has taken many shapes and forms, and of course a huge array of names and descriptions, and this is why to pinpoint the doctrinal difference between them,