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This is why the Russians want to tightly regulate foreign NGOs

How is that for a “watch” of human right? The fact is that western human rights organizations are below contempt. Some are political tools in the hands of the Empire (Human Rights Watch), some are full of western intelligence agents (Medecins Sans Frontieres, OSCE monitors), some are lead by cynical bureaucrats who use idealistic young delegates as cannon fodder (ICRC), some are used by big business as a tool (Greenpeace)

Is the CIA Running a Defamation Campaign Against Putin?

Russia Insider interviews The Saker The latest hot topic in the Russian media. Russian politicians are talking about it. Historical precedent and behavior of Western media suggests that they are. A major topic in the Russian media is mystification with how Putin is portrayed in the Western media. Wildly popular at home, and seen as a decent, modest, an admirable person, and Russians don’t understand how there can be such

Ukraine mini-SITREP May 21th, 20:42 UTC/Zulu

It’s not really news, but it still amazes me: for two days in a row no Jen Psaki, speaking for the regime in Washington, has declared that the USA has doubts about the real affiliation of the Russian journalists working for the Russian new outlet LifeNews.  Even though the professional record of these journalist is in the public domain and very well know (they have worked for many years including

“The Fifth Estate” is a disgusting and vicious attempt at discrediting Julian Assange (UPDATED)

I normally don’t do movie reviews here, but after watching “The Fifth Estate” yesterday I felt that I ought to warn everybody that this is a crude hatchet job clearly aimed at maliciously slandering Julian Assange and, through him, his defiance of our “1%” overlords.A quick visit on Wikipedia showed me that there was some “controversy” around the movie.  I will let you read that section yourself, but let me

The Empire insults our collective intelligence. Again.

This is the sequence which the Empire submits to our attention: on August 18th a UN inspection team arrives in Syria to investigate the reports of use of chemical weapons.  Two days later, on August 20, the Syrian government uses chemical weapons against hundreds of civilians.  And not in some distant and remote corner of the country, but in a suburb of Damascus, conveniently near the UN inspection team.Does anybody

Interview of Vladimir Putin to the German TV station ARD

This interview touches upon various important topics but it is particularly valuable because it set the record strait about the Western propaganda about the Russian government’s “crackdown” on NGOs such as these from the BBC: Angela Merkel tells Vladimir Putin – Russia needs NGOs Russia NGOs decry ‘intimidation’ raids  Fears for NGOs in Russia as tax raids multiply Russian police raid rights group Memorial and other NGOs Needless to say,

Today’s “minute of hate” will be directed at Russia

This masterpiece was published by The Guardian: I wish I could say that this throws us all back to the Cold War, and basically repeat the words Medvedev recently address to that drooling idiot Romney: “As to ideological cliches, I have already spoken on the subject. I always get very cautious when I see a country resort to phrasings such as “number one enemy.” It is very reminiscent of Hollywood

This is what they call a punishment, setback and defeat (UPDATED 2x)

With around 95% of votes counted, here are the results in terms of seats in the next Duma (for percentages, see previous post, update 3) United Russia: 238 seats Communist Party:  92 seats A Just Russia: 64 seats Liberal Democratic Party of Russia: 56 seats This is what the Western press calls “Voters punish Putin”, “Putin Setback”, “Putin barely hangs on to  majority” or “Poor results”.  That, and of course,

Some quick comments about the latest “Iranian terror plot”

I just came home and found this idiocy staring at me from  the BBC’s website:  Iran agents ‘planned US terror attacks’ First, quick calendar check: is it April 1st?  Nope. Crap. I was hoping this was a lame joke.  Okay then, let’s take a look at the latest idiocy conjured up by the Ziocon propaganda machine. According to this story, the Iranians have been caught trying to kill the KSA