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High risk of imminent large scale military operations in the Donbass

Most of you must by now have heard various reports about the rapidly deteriorating situation in the Ukraine.  Many, however, might have dismissed them because, let’s be honest here, we have had so many false warnings about an imminent Ukronazi attack that we got used to them.  In fact, there have been numerous previous incidents, but this time around I see enough indicators and warnings to warrant another warning.  Here

“Social warning” from Russia: we are ready for war; are you?

One of the most striking differences between the Russian and Western media is the fact that the topic of a possible war is constantly discussed in the former and almost never in the latter. In Russia, the main news shows discuss the risks of war, as do a lot of well-known personalities, and on talk-shows this is a recurrent topic. Even Putin recently had to declare that he did not

Mujahideen-e Khalq goes from “terrorist” to “freedom fighter” in perparation for war on Iran

Just as it had done with the KLA before the US/NATO war on Serbia, the USA is about to take the local terrorist group, in this case the Mujahideen-e Khalq, off its official terror list.  That makes sense politically and it is legally necessary to make it easier to fund, train and otherwise assist it: US assistance to various terrorist groups worldwide is usually provided only covertly which, of course,

46 Warships and 7,000 Troops Reported to Be Heading to Central American Country and Coast

By Jamie Way for The Narco News Bulletin In a controversial decision that is likely to fan the flames of regional tensions in Latin America, Costa Rica recently granted the US permission to move 7,000 troops and 46 warships (along with their accompanying planes and helicopters) into Costa Rican waters. Officially, the act is considered to be part of the “Drug War,” which appears to be increasingly more war-like in

Israeli troop movements

Several sources are reporting Israeli troop concentrations at the border with Lebanon. That, combined with very bellicose statements of at least one Israeli minister are resulting in rumors about an imminent Israeli attack on Lebanon (Netanyahu already denied any such intentions). I do not believe that the Israelis are about to attack Lebanon, and most definitely not with a ground operation. The only circumstance in which I think that could