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Russian military detects two missiles launches in the Mediterranean – Shoigu briefs Putin

According to Russian media sources, early this morning the Russian early warning radar system Armavir run by the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces detected the launch of two missiles in the Mediterranean.  Both missiles were fired in an eastern trajectory and both eventually fell into the sea.   Russian early warning radars systems   First, nobody admitted firing these missiles, in fact everybody denied it, but eventually the Israelis admitted that they

Secret Revealed: Spying Costs $80 Billion a Year

AP reports: The annual cost of U.S. intelligence is public for the first time: just over $80 billion for 2010. Figures released by the government Thursday show $27 billion goes to military intelligence and $53.1 billion covers the CIA and some of the other 16 intelligence agencies. Steven Aftergood, a secrecy specialist at the Federation of American Scientists, says it is “the most complete disclosure we have ever had.” The

US and Russia swapping ‘spies’

(Carlo – I reply to your emails via this post for all, I hope you don’t mind – VS) Now its official: the USA and Russia have swapped ‘spies’. Or are they?! Well, the Russians have for sure released some very real spies, including a nuclear scientist and even a former GRU Colonel (now that there is no death penalty in Russia, this guy should, IMHO, have received life without

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has created the Surveillance Self-Defense website

From the EFF’s SSD home page: The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has created this Surveillance Self-Defense site to educate the American public about the law and technology of government surveillance in the United States, providing the information and tools necessary to evaluate the threat of surveillance and take appropriate steps to defend against it. Surveillance Self-Defense (SSD) exists to answer two main questions: What can the government legally do to

So who is really getting US intelligence support in the greater Middle-East?

I have been observing for a while how almost every party in the greater Middle-East is accusing its opponents of benefiting from US support in general and of US intelligence support in particular. The Iranians accuse the US of helping the Kurds, the Kurds accuse the US of being in league with Iran, the Israelis are accused of supporting both Turkey and the Kurds, the Maliki regime is accused of

Pakistan spy chief sacked to please US?

Press TV reports: Speculation is rife that the US is behind a massive shake up at Pakistan’s powerful Inter-Services Intelligence spy agency. The Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency has been called a ‘state within a state’ due to its immense power. Time magazine has described it as one of the world’s most powerful spy agencies. Now, 10 months after being appointed head of the Pakistani Army, General Ashfaq Kayani, easily one

You wonder why the US intelligence community and associated think thanks are wortheless?

Many thanks to Cem for drawing my attention to the Counter Terrorism blog’s recent posts You want to know that the War Party is thinking nowadays? A good place to figure this out is to look at one of their websites: the Counter-Terrorism blog. There you will see the following entries: * Turkish Ambassador to U.S. Calls Iran “a threat to Turkey as well as to the U.S.” * Is

Aaron Zeevi Farkash: ‘Nasrallah Ruined 3 years of Arab, Foreign Intel Efforts’

by Mohamad Shmaysani for al-Manar The former head of Israel’s intelligence Aaron Zeevi Farkash said that he had warned Washington against relying on its allies in Lebanon. “We advised the CIA not to rely on Walid Jumblatt or Saad Hariri because we tested them in 2006 and they proved helpless in the face of Hezbollah.” In an interview with Filkka-Israel site on the internet, Zeevi stressed “Israel has given Lebanese

Russian Military Intelligence Sees U.S. Military Buildup on Iran Border

THE FOLLOWING IS A ONE YEAR OLD REPORT PICKED UP BY MISTAKE: MOSCOW, March 27 (RIA Novosti) – Russian military intelligence services are reporting a flurry of activity by U.S. Armed Forces near Iran’s borders, a high-ranking security source said Tuesday. “The latest military intelligence data point to heightened U.S. military preparations for both an air and ground operation against Iran,” the official said, adding that the Pentagon has probably

Director of National Intelligence says Syria or Hezbollah faction might be involved in Mughniyah assassination

According to Haaretz, the U.S. intelligence chief said Sunday that internal Hezbollah factions or Syria may be to blame for the killing of top Hezbollah commander Imad Mughniyah last week. Ok, I know all the caveats which one should be aware of when quoting somebody like Mike McConnell and I agree with all of them. Yes, this might be a way of blaming Syria in order to further divide the

Turkish-Israeli intelligence cooperation bolstered by high-level contacts

The following was sent to me by a correspondent to whom I am very grateful for this interesting item. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the translation. VS ANKA News Agency, 21 January 2008 Former Prime Minister and current Defense Minister Ehud Barak will visit Turkey in February at the invitation of his Turkish counterpart Vecdi Gönül. Diplomatic sources said that the purpose of Barak’s visit to Turkey is

The situation in Gaza is the proof of a stunning Israeli intelligence failure

The developments in Gaza are the proof that the Israeli intelligence services are the most over-rated on the planet. Long gone is the “Entebbe” image of a daring and all-knowing Israeli intelligence community and as more information comes in about the recent developments in Gaza one is lead to wonder how incompetent the Israelis really are. Times Online has revealed that Hamas ‘spent months cutting through Gaza wall in secret

B-52 Nukes Headed for Iran, Not For Decommissioning: Airforce Refused

By Wayne Madsen WMR has learned from U.S. and foreign intelligence sources that the B-52 transporting six stealth AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missiles, each armed with a W-80-1 nuclear warhead, on August 30, were destined for the Middle East via Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana. However, elements of the Air Force, supported by U.S. intelligence agency personnel, successfully revealed the ultimate destination of the nuclear weapons and the mission was

Intelligence Services, The Media And Anti-Iran Propaganda

by Paul Ingram and Mehrnaz Shahabi (CASMII) Paul Ingram is Senior Analyst at the British American Security Information Council. His subject areas include nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament (with a focus on Iran and the UK); defence economics, particularly subsidies of exports in the UK; and transatlantic security. He is the Chair of Crisis Action, and co-teaches systems thinking and practice on the Top Management Programme at the National School of

Will the Israelis invade Gaza?

Will the Israelis invade Gaza? Knowing how utterly stupid Olmert and Peretz have proved to be, everthing is possible. But from a military point of view invading Gaza achieves nothing: you get some Israelis killed, you get lots of Palestinians killed, and then you withdraw and you leave Hamas even stronger than it was before. Besides, after the whopping the IDF took in South Lebanon I presume that the troops