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Poroshenko’s Dictatorial Laws by Russlan Ostashko

  Translated and captioned by Leo Among the fairy tales of the Kiev Maidan there is this one; striving to be in Europe, Ukrainian citizens couldn’t wait for their march for freedom from the previously accepted Viktor Yanukovych. This talk is in reference to the so-called “dictatorial laws” from January 16, 2014. And here now, pro-European Petro Poroshenko is getting ready to surpass them. But as for a new Maidan,

FYI – news sources about Russia and the Ukraine

Friends, thanks a lot for the very long list of information sources about Russia, the Ukraine and the current crisis.  I have not checked each link, nor do I personally vouch for the quality or contents of each link, and I share them with you as they are and in no particular order.  Those interested will have to refine and tune this list by themselves.  I hope that this is

First impressions – and misgivings – in reaction to Hassan Nasrallah’s speech today

I have been studying Hezbollah since 1995 and I don’t recall Hassan Nasrallah ever delivering such a strongly worded warning as what he did today at the “Prophet Loyalty Rally”.  I might be mistaken, but I see several unprecedented elements in his speech today: 1.  First, he clearly and unambiguously threated the USA and its Empire by stating that the consequences for releasing the full movie “Innocence of Muslims” would

Eben Moglen: Why Freedom of Thought Requires Free Media and Why Free Media Require Free Software

Dear friends, I urge you all to listen to this amazing, truly visionary, presentation by Eben Moglen, one of the most knowledgeable and savvy defenders of freedom of our times.  To be honest, I find his arguments very disturbing, because he brilliantly shows that our society and our technology are truly headed in the wrong way, and because I find it very believe that this can be stopped.  But maybe

Predictably, YouTube censors Alan Lawson’s video on the ‘Holocaust’, hate speech and ‘stupid’ Germans

Dear Sirs, Re:  Spurious Copyright Claim YouTube Account:  http://www.youtube.com/user/alawson911 I have just received the following notice: We have disabled the following material as a result of a third-party notification from James Allan Khan claiming that this material is infringing: Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans so Stupid? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gycNMf0xAc I think that this is a spurious action; an attempt to infringe my right to freedom of speech and expression under

Kettling Wikileaks

by Richard Stallman for Defective by Design Kettling: also known as containment or corralling – a police tactic for the management of large crowds during demonstrations or protests. The Anonymous web protests over WikiLeaks are the internet equivalent of a mass demonstration. It’s a mistake to call them hacking (playful cleverness) or cracking (security breaking). The LOIC program that is being used by the group is prepackaged so no cleverness

Two important articles by the EFF about the Internet freedom in the Wikileaks context

Information is the Antidote to Fear: Wikileaks, the Law, and You  by Kevin Bankston When it comes to Wikileaks, there’s a lot of fear out there on the Internet right now. Between the federal criminal investigation into Wikileaks, Senator Joe Lieberman’s calls for companies to stop providing support for Wikileaks and his suggestion that the New York Times itself should be criminally investigated, Senator Dianne Feinstein’s recent Wall Street Journal