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Social Media as a Tool of Hybrid Warfare; The Case of Syria (IMPORTANT NOTE BY THE SAKER)

Note by the Saker: I was frankly appalled at the ugly nastiness of some comments posted here in reply to this article.  First, I take no position whatsoever on the substance of the issue.  I do however, vehemently object to direct and personal attacks on Intibah Kadi and her husband.  Whatever the merits, or lack thereof, of her analysis, Intibah Kadi did not name a single person in this piece,

The Muslim Spring, take II

by Ghassan and Intibah Kadi In a previous article titled “A Muslim Spring” published on the Saker, on the 12th of June 2017, the analysis of the then recent Qatar standoff took us into the direction of whether new Middle Eastern alliances were taking form and old ones dismantling. Developments since then reveal that the distinctive parts of the new embryos are already differentiating and emerging. The initial article foresaw

Orientalists, Gatekeepers, Evangelists and Subverters of the Syrian Defense Community

By Intibah Kadi A curious phenomenon has gradually crept upon the English language social media community that defends Syria; a small but effective group of “orientalists” with their varied agendas, gatekeepers amongst them of all shapes and sizes and evangelizers and assorted nefarious subverters. Syrians, having never experienced working together with people from across the world, had no experience of the pro and cons of such activism. In general, Syrians

Je suis Alyan?

by Ghassan and Intibah Kadi The human tragedy in Syria is one thing, and the hypocritical manner in which the West is dealing with it is an absolute shamble. To begin with, it was the Western sphere of influence that destabilized four states in the region over the last two decades; namely Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. One may argue that Afghanistan had been a hotspot before the US-led invasion,