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A Call to Divine Unity: Letter of Imam Khomeini to President Mikhail Gorbachev

Introduction by the Saker: a Muslim friend of mine sent me the document below and when I read it, I decided to share it with you.  Why?  Because I happen to think that Putin actually did follow much of the advice given by Imam Khomeini.  Not to the letter, of course (Putin has not converted to Islam, but chose to embrace Christian Orthodoxy), and not necessarily because he was aware

Deconstructing Islamophobia

[this article was written for the Unz Review] Introduction: a short survey of the cuckoo’s nest My initial idea was to begin with a definition of “Islamophobia” but after looking around for various definitions, I decided to use my own, very primitive definition.  I will define Islamophobia as the belief that Islam (the religion) and/or Muslims (the adherents to this religion) represent some kind of more or less coherent whole

Saker Podcast # 13 (Saker’s views on Islam)

Dear friends, I finally found the time to sit down and record a podcast about my views of Islam and Muslims.  I hope that this podcast will set the record straight and clearly explain my views.  For those interested in this topic, here are the links to a series of articles I wrote on the related topic of “Russia and Islam”: Russia and Islam series: http://thesaker.is/russia-and-islam-part-one-introduction-and-definitions/ http://thesaker.is/russia-and-islam-part-two-russian-orthodoxy/ http://thesaker.is/russia-and-islam-part-three-internal-russian-politics/ http://thesaker.is/russia-and-islam-part-four-islam-as-a-threat/ http://thesaker.is/russia-and-islam-part-five-islam-as-an-ally/

A hardcore Russian nationalist shares his opinion about Islam (very interesting!)

Let me begin by saying that I am not a big supporter of Konstantin Dushenov.  Without going into a long detailed discussion about this, let’s just say that I don’t consider myself a nationalist.  However, I will readily admit that Dushenov makes some excellent points and that I do agree with a lot of what he says.  This time, I decided to post his short commentary about Islam to show

Who will get Mecca after Saudis are ousted, by Scott

The following is a translation/ interpretation of Cat Motya posts regarding the issue of management of Mecca. Please, keep in mind that in Russian classic literature, folklore and fairytales,  cats are learned and wise creature whose main duty is to tell tales about life in faraway lands.   Take, for example, Alesander Pushkin’s poem, Ruslan and Ludmila.  The story of their love was told to Pushkin by a learned cat. That

It’s Not the Muslims Stupid!

by GH Eliason  @TomiLahren’s rant heard round’ the world was the first I’ve ever heard of her. I listened to it a couple of times and a few of her other shows to understand her perspective and motivation. The way she repeatedly ties radical terrorism to Islam and then backs off half a step before letting loose another salvo against Muslims and president Obama is almost artistic. I live in

The Saker interviews Sheikh Imran Hosein (part II)

Note: Having listened to this 2nd part I am particularly impressed by two statements of Sheikh Imran Hosein in particular: first, that the highest authority of the Quran allows for a free choice of religion, something I was not aware of, and second the Sheikh’s absolutely correct stance that the first ones to make a list of wrongs committed by Orthodox Christians against Muslims should be the Orthodox themselves.  There

The Saker interviews Sheikh Imran Hosein

Dear friends, It is truly a HUGE pleasure for me to present you today with the first part of an interview I did with the Islamic scholar Sheikh Imran Hosein.  It is a pleasure because Sheikh Imran has agreed to reply to my questions in a video rather than a text, and I think that seeing him speak is a much more powerful experience than just reading his replies in

The Second Coming, the End Times, the Antichrist, Orthodoxy, Islam and an Open Thread

Tomorrow Orthodox Christian celebrate two events: the Presentation of our Lord and Meatfare Sunday also known as the Sunday of of Second Coming. What is interesting about this day is that this is the day when during the Matins service, after the 6th Ode of the Canon, the Synxarion of the day is read. A “synaxarion” is a short text discussing and analyzing of the person or event commemorated during

Very telling video (especially for Islam-haters!)

I recently learned this lesson the hard way, so let me begin with a few caveats: I don’t know where this footage was taken, I don’t know when it was taken, and I don’t know by whom it was taken.  It is identified on YouTube as “Interview with Chechens in Donetsk”.  Except for the only flag I see on the video seems to be a South Ossetian one.  And since

Joint Christian-Muslim resistance against the Empire (a quick reminder)

In a previous post entitled “Russia and Islam, part eight: working together, a basic “how-to”“, I have discussed in some details the basic principles which could be applied by both Christians and Muslims to jointly take a stand against the current Empire.  I don’t want to repeat it all here, especially since in that article I was discussing this issue specifically in the Russian context.  What I propose to do

Egypt being pushed into sectarian violence

by Crescent online Saudi preacher, Muhammad al-Arifi, has issued a fatwa saying prostitution by Muslim girls to service takfiri fighters in Syria is permissible.  Has the Ummah (Muslim world) fallen so low that such filthy fatwas can be issued and Muslims remain silent? At the same time, Arifi and Sheikh al-Qaradawi have launched an anti-Shia crusade leading to the lynching of four Shias in a village outside Cairo. Muhammad al-Arifi

Islam and Europe: An equal and opposite reaction

So goes one of the fundamental laws of physics. In the face of recent “actions” in the West — economic crisis and rampant Islamophobia, there is an inexorable “reaction”, as the eternal values of Islam continue to manifest themselves, notes Eric Walberg    Ramadan exemplifies the powerful spiritual calling of Islam. Dry fasting is more a test of the spirit, the will, proof of devotion, than just some health gimmick.

Will the Muslim world ever show enough courage to deal with the Chechen insurgents?

“Emir Dokku Abu Usman” According to the BBC, the self-styled “Emir of the Caucasus Emirate” and former “President of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria” Doku Umarov (aka “Emir Dokku Abu Usman”) has declared in reference to the bombing of the Domodedovo airport in Moscow that “”This special operation was carried out on my orders and, God willing, special operations like it will continue to be carried out“.  Fair enough –

I wonder if Muslim-haters will notice this…

Democracy Now reports: Muslims Act as Human Shields for Coptic Christians in Egypt In Egypt, millions of Coptic Christians celebrated Christmas on Friday as the community continues to reel from the New Year’s Day church bombing that killed 21 people and injured dozens more. In a sign of solidarity, thousands of Muslims gathered on Thursday night to protect Egyptian Copts as they celebrated Christmas Eve. Acting as human shields, the

Egyptian traitors train in Texas

Ha’aretz as published an article entitled “U.S. Army training Egyptians to find, destroy smuggling tunnels” which describes how Egyptian soldiers are trained by the US Army to prevent any tunnels being dug out of the open air prison of Gaza. Ha’aretz writes: The United States Army has begun training Egyptian soldiers to locate and destroy tunnels, in an effort to improve the Egyptian army’s ability to cope with arms-smuggling from

Swindler’s List

by Gilad Atzmon (originally posted here) It is a common trend amongst rabid Zionists and notorious Islamophobes to quote some isolated and mistranslated verses from the Qur’an for the purpose of collectively libeling Muslims and presenting Islam as a regressive and violent belief system. Needless to say, so far, such repetitive attempts have been found futile if not actually counter-effective. Not a single Western politician, Zionist campaigner or Neocon think

The Shia 10th Day of Ashura and the coming war(s)

Every place is Kerbala, every day is Ashura If there is one event which is central to the entire ethos of Shia Islam it is the martyrdom of Imam Husayn ibn Ali (a grandson of Muhammad the founder of Islam) and 72 of his followers at the hands of a 40’000-strong army of Yazid Ibn Muawiyah Ibn Abu Sufyan in 680 AD at the battle of Kerbala. Here is how

Iraq’s Muqtada Sadr studying to issue fatwas

Al-Arabia reports: Iraqi Shiite cleric and head of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada Al-Sadr, is doing intensive study to earn the title of ‘marjea’ (‘expert’ or ‘authority’), which will entitle him to issue fatwas (religious edicts) for his followers, in accordance with Shiite traditions. Al-Sadr is studying at the Al-Hawzah religious institution in Najaf, his official spokesman Sheikh Salah Al-Obeidi said in a press statement carried by Quds Press on Saturday.