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The fall of Cameron-Clinton, and the rise of Brexit-Trump

By Jack J. for The Saker Blog Good-press bad-press You’ve got two arms of the main-stream media (MSM) the right and the supposedly centre-left. The right arm gets people fired-up with a mixed message of overt racism (typically anti-immigrant) and jingoistic nonsense, with anti-establishment narratives thrown in as sweeteners (typically anti-EU). The left arm then points out the despicable nature of the former (‘the racists’) denies any anti-establishment content and

Am I still happy about my Brexit vote?

by Jack J. First of all, what could happen that would make me regret my vote?  If the Tories recover from Brexit and go on to dominate British politics for the coming decade, somehow managing to win the next election and thwart Scottish Independence, then I would have to turn over my Brexit vote to Captain Hindsight. I predict they won’t and I predicted they wouldn’t if Brexit happened.  I

UK General Election 2017 – Featuring Blairite Rats and Yellow Tories

by Jack J. A rapid succession of electoral events in the UK has led to an early and polarizing General Election; whilst May risks all for a ‘hard-Brexit’ mandate, Labour promise to “rip up the tory-Brexit white paper”. North of The Wall1 the SNP-Government has had INDY22 approved by the Scottish Parliament in order to pursue its own relationship with Europe, once the terms of Brexit become clear. May’s gamble

UK Politics 2016: Everything to Play For

by Jack J. War and austerity serve the interests of the British establishment, and are contrary to the vast majority of the UK population. If we define ‘war’ as the bombing and invading of other countries plus the threat of annihilation through nuclear arms and ‘austerity’ as the roll-back of the welfare state we can divide the political forces of the UK into establishment and anti-establishment. Establishment Forces Tory Party

Brexit SITREP: Looking down from Northern England

by Jack J. Back in 2015 we were all moving to Scotland. Ed Milliband had just suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of polish-faced Cameron. After years of austerity actually driving the deficit up, the British people voted for more of the same; the combined vote of blue, yellow and purple tories topped 50%, so even proportional representation would not have fundamentally changed the outcome. Sorry, did I say

UK SITREP: The Brexit Farce and the Headless Chicken-Coup

by Jack J. The British establishment have suffered two serious setbacks in rapid succession: The Tories have lost both of their leading figures, caused economic turmoil and empowered secessionist forces in Scotland, whilst the genuinely anti-establishment Leader of the opposition has been massively strengthened through a botched coup attempt. During the 2015 General Election Cameron promised a referendum ‘on Europe’ to the British electorate, and won a slim majority through