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Kevin Barrett interviews the Saker

Dear friends, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Kevin Barrett.  Here is where you can listen to our interview: I want to use this opportunity to sincerely thank all those Nazis who angrily defended Hitler and the Nazis – they made my case better than I ever could!  Thank you guys for doing exactly what I thought you would do :-) Hugs and cheers, The Saker

Iran’s Spiritual Empowerment and Defense Readiness

By Kevin Barrett (Truth Jihad) for The Saker Blog Spiritual Empowerment and Defense Readiness: Iran’s “Trump Card” Against US-Israeli Aggression Do religion, spirituality, and ethics have any strategic significance? Increasingly, since the time of Machievelli, the Western answer to that question has been “no.” According to the dominant view of Western elites, religious factors are usually a strategic liability rather than an asset. A spiritual soldier, according to this view,