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Nuclear blackmail. Escalation scenarios. Konstantin Sivkov

NB: Konstantin Sivkov (Navy Captain 1st Rank, retired) holds a doctorate of military sciences and is the deputy president of the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences. BitChute embedding powered by embed.tube Transcript: “If the population growth is not hampered by any obstacles then this population doubles in every 25 years and consequently increases in each subsequent 25-year period in geometric progression”, from the book Thomas Malthus “An Essay

Konstantin Sivkov interviewed about the Russian operation in Syria

Dear friends, This is the full text of the interview I was referring to in my rant about what I consider to be stupid flag-waving.  Considering all the controversy this interview generated here, I feel that I need to clarify something here: I am not “endorsing” either Sivkov or his views (especially not his “other” views not mentioned in this interview).  I do, however, believe that Sivkov is an very