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Russia-China SitRep: Double Helix Strategic Coordination (by Larchmonter445)

by Larchmonter445 for The Saker Blog The Earth shifted today in Moscow. Two great civilizations embodied in two superpower nations grew closer than ever. Their leaders signed a new document enshrining their deepening relationship. The Double Helix evolves in demonstrable ways. President Xi and President Putin signed the multipage document (which clearly indicates more than just a terminology change from the former relationship title to the new one.) “The comprehensive strategic

Special China SITREP & Analysis by Larchmonter445: China Decouples: China Will Not Be Contained by Trade War

China Decouples: China Will Not Be Contained by Trade War Four major events in a cluster, one to come this week. The percipient point of view about China under Chairman Xi (more powerful than Mao, though far less charismatic) is that China will not retreat from its destiny. Any notion that China would cave to Donald Trump’s demands in the Trade negotiations of the past year (yes it’s been a

The man on the left, the man on the right

The man on the left slaughtered hundreds of citizens in Fallujah and destroyed nearly every building, in an act of revenge. (It took two attacks —  Exceptional). The man on the right liberated 1400 cities, towns and villages from ISIS and AQ, killed 86,000 terrorists and is beloved as are his troops in Syria. The man on the left is called Mad Dog. He is losing 7 wars simultaneously right