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Venezuela: Continued treason at high level

By Saker Latinamerican Community for the Saker blog A few days ago, we had access to the video we share below. The video is self-explanatory, and it makes it hard to avoid seeing what’s undeniable. There is a fifth column within the revolutionary government that threatens the Revolution from within. This phenomenon, certainly not exclusive to Venezuela, has been taking shape and expanding dramatically in recent years, since the

Concerning the persecution and censorship against Santiago Cúneo: DAIA-AMIA as devices of the Anglo-Zionist invasion of Argentina

by  Leo del Grosso for the Latin American Saker blog translated from the original Spanish by Ana for the Saker blog On May 5, the following statement was distributed to the public opinion in Buenos Aires, Argentina: “The DAIA, Delegation of Argentine Israelite Associations, reports that its Board of Directors has requested the resignation of its president, Ariel Cohen Sabban, due to facts of public knowledge. The 1st Vice-president, Dr.