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“We’ll Defend Against Jumblatt Govt’s Declared War”

Al-Manar TV reports: Hezbollah Secretary General held a press conference to address recent developments in Lebanon, particularly the tense situation on the street caused by the latest decisions adopted by the unconstitutional government of Fouad Saniora. Sayyed Nasrallah said that the ruling bloc has pushed the country in a completely new situation. “The decisions of the ruling are declaration of war,” his eminence warned. On the communications network, Sayyed Nasrallah

Pro-US forces organize provocations in Beirut

Al-Manar reports: Residents of the Nuweiri area in Beirut protested at Future Movement gunmen for opening fire and terrorizing civilians, so they decided to storm into their office. Hezbollah members informed Lebanese Army intelligence service about the matter and a military unit was dispatched to the location and evacuated 21 Future Movement members from the office. The army confiscated automatic weapons and ammunition. They also found applications for new Future

Middle-East indicators and warnings point to war

The rumors about a US attack on Iran have been recently re-energized by the sacking of Admiral Fallon, the arrival of a new US Navy Carrier in the vicinity of the Persian Gulf, Cheney’s recent visit to the region, General David “Ass-kissing chickenshit” Petraeus’ testimony in Congress, Secretary Gate’s silly comments about Iran wanting nukes after all, nevermind the NIE, or the New York Times resuming some of its worst

USraelian stooges in Lebanon try to take down communication network in preparation for a likely Israeli attack on Lebanon

Al Manar reports: The head of the unconstitutional government and his ruling decided in the longest cabinet session yet in Lebanese history, to label “illegal and unconstitutional” the Resistance communications network. Saniora and his team also decided to remove airport security Chief Brigadier General Wafiq Shqeir to rejoin the army command. The US-backed ruling bloc decisions came one day ahead of a general strike to be held across Lebanon to

The Daily Star’s editorial about Imad Mughniyeh’s life and death

Mughniyeh – like Hizbullah – was a product of outside aggression By The Daily Star In the wake of his death, Imad Mughniyeh has been described as both a dangerous villain and a courageous hero. The task of reconciling these diametrically opposed assessments will be left to a future generation of historians who no longer have to contend with the politicizing influences of the Arab-Israeli conflict. For now, all that

Walid Jumblatt and Israelis jointly plan next Lebanese civil war (UPDATED)

Al-Manar TV reports: Just after the head of the Progressive Socialist Party MP Walid Jumblatt finished his press conference on Sunday, Israeli media went for analyses. They read in his speech a direct message to Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah. Jumblatt openly stated in his speech that he’s ready for war. “If you think that we are going to sit with our hands tied, then perhaps we would have

Full text of Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah speech following Bush’ visit to the Middle East

Source: Islamic Resistance in LebanonWhen Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) returns to earth, he will not uphold “Israel”, the Pharaohs or the despots… But he will empower the oppressed; he will not confront the temple’s thieves with his staff, but will carry his sword and gun to fight these despots. Hizbullah’s secretary-general appeared on the seventh night of Ashoura to speak out frankly to the people about what is

Nasrallah: ‘Best Way to Prevent War is to Be Ready For it’

This interview summary was originally published by the Lebanese website Promise:A summary for al-Sayyed Nasrallah’s interview on NBN on 2nd of January, 2008. Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah said Wednesday that the solution to the Lebanese crisis lies in the partnership that is realized through a constitutional guarantee, namely the guaranteeing one-third of ministers within a national unity government. “The governing coalition’s refusing all attempts to set the foundations

Analysis and Request for Comments: who is behind the assassinations campaign in Lebanon?

Introduction: the latest assassination – Al-Manar reports: Two years to the day to a bombing that killed Lebanese journalist Jibran Tueini, an explosion occurred in the Baabda area east of Beirut and claimed the life of Brigadier General Francois Hajj who heads the Lebanese Army Operations department. Four others were killed, presumably soldiers. The army command issued a statement confirming that Hajj had been killed in the explosion. “This morning,

Hariri unveils bid on his life, meets Aoun in Paris

Mohamad Shmaysani The head of the Change and Reform parliamentary bloc MP General Michel Aoun will meet in Paris with the head of the Future Movement bloc MP Saad Hariri, the elnashra news site said Tuesday. The site quoted a senior French diplomatic source as saying that preparations for this meeting had been ongoing in secret. The source added that when the security threat to both leaders reached a high

Hizbullah: the project of setting up an American military base “can turn the country into another Iraq”

(Moqawama) Hizbullah issued the following statement: “Commenting on the information published in `Al-Safir` newspaper yesterday, regarding the United States seeking to set up one of its military bases in Lebanon, we would like to emphasize the following: 1. These efforts represent a part in a broad plan to link Lebanon to the American project in the region, by describing it as `one of the windows` to the `New Middle East`,

Hezbollah Warns US Not to Set Up Base

(AP) – Hezbollah’s deputy leader warned the U.S. on Sunday against setting up a military base in Lebanon, saying the guerrilla group would consider such a move “a hostile act.” Sheik Naim Kassem’s warning came days after a senior Pentagon official said the U.S. military would like to see a “strategic partnership” with Lebanon’s army to strengthen the country’s forces so that Hezbollah would have no excuse to bear arms.

Full text of H.E. Nasrallah`s Speech over Detainees Swap

(Moqawama) Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said that the prisoner exchange between Hizbullah and the enemy entity is a partial and limited operation and that its focus was not numbers-based but rather strictly humanitarian, pending the more important operation. He pointed out that what happened gives impetus to the operation yet to come, which is more important to the resistance, the enemy and to the international mediator alike. In

Edelman acknowledges endeavor to change LAF doctrine

Mohamad Shmaysani The nervous expressions of US Ambassador to Lebanon Jeffery Feltman Thursday morning did not achieve its goals. On that day, Feltman was seen on television screens in a tense mood lashing out at the Assair daily, for asking the Lebanese government to officially deny any “involvement in an unbalanced relation with the enemy’s top ally, which will be suicidal”, Assafir said. The daily raised in its report the

Lebanon US base to counter Qaeda, Hezbollah or Russia?

by Mohamad Shmaysani The issue of building a US airbase in northern Lebanon has resurfaced. Senior US political and military officials have been flocking into Lebanon since the Israeli war against Lebanon in 2006, the last of whom is Eric Edelman, the US Undersecretary of Defense for policy, heading a Pentagon delegation. The Lebanese daily Assafir raised speculations of a likelihood to build US military bases in Lebanon and alter

US ‘to build military base in Lebanon’?

(PRESS-TV) – The US plans to build an air base in northern Lebanon, in an area which borders Syria and is hardly 140 km from Damascus, sources say. The American air base will also be located 22 air miles (40 km) from Tartous, Syria’s main naval base and the Russian Mediterranean fleet’s command center. “According to US plan six military bases will be set up, three in Iraq, one in

Hezbollah, Israel begin multi-statge swap

BEIRUT — Hezbollah and Israeli occupation regime concluded a swap of three bodies and a war prisoner, Alalam TV correspondent in Beirut said Monday. The correspondent reported that Israel turned over to Hezbollah its fighter Hassan Naim Aqil who was captured during the 2006 confrontation. The Zionist regime also turned over to Hizbullah the bodies of two fighters were martyred in the 34-day war. They were identified as Ali Wazwaz

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah`s Full Speech on al-Quds International Day

Secretary General of Hizbullah his eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered a speech during a ceremony organized by Hizbullah on the “International Al-Quds Day” occasion, with large public attendance at the Hall of the Lord of Martyrs in the Beirut`s southern suburbs. The event was attended by clerics, political and partisan Lebanese and Palestinian personalities, headed by the Lebanese president General Emile Lahoud, represented in the person of former Minister Yacoub

Hizbullah spiritual leader: Senate declared war on Iran

Sheik Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah slams vote to label Revolutionary Guard a terror organization by Roee Nahmias and Dudi Cohen “The declaration of the Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist group is a declaration of war,” Sheik Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah, Hizbullah’s spiritual leader, said Sunday in response to a Senate resolution on Wednesday calling on the State Department to include the dominant branch in Iran’s army on its list of terrorist organization.

US House votes to ‘strongly back’ illegitimate Siniora Government

AIM news reports that US Congressman Gary L. Ackerman led the House of Representatives Wednesday in pass a resolution calling for strong US support for the government of Lebanon by a vote of 415 to 2. Ackerman, the chairman of the House Subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia, warned the House that “Lebanon is being bullied by Iran, Syria and their proxies, Hizbullah, Amal and Michel Aoun’s Free