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Sitrep: Donetsk, Lugansk, Situation at line of engagement

Reports are pouring in of provocations.  These are routinely reported to various monitoring organizations relatively without fanfare, but the Russian press (in English) is carrying this widely. Peskov:  “We can see that provocations are taking place. We have seen reports from the self-proclaimed republics about an exchange of strikes on the line of contact and the first strikes came from Ukraine. This is very alarming information,” Donetsk, February 17. /TASS/: 

LPR exhumes over 90 victims of Ukraine in Pervomaisk

by GH Eliason for the Saker Blog On August 11th, 2021, Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) and Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) embarked on a historic endeavor that will become national benchmarks in their existence. Both countries began opening mass graves on their territories created by non-stop shelling and mortar attacks against their cities and people. They proposed to locate the victims and identify them through genetic testing. Samples could then be

Meet employees of the SBU “Gestapo” for the “Luhansk oblast” Ukraine

A day before the Victory Day over the Western fascism, an adviser to the Minister of internal Affairs of the Ukraine Zorian Shkiryak reminded everyone that the police will react harshly against individuals that would wear the St. George ribbons, prohibited on Ukraine’s territory . According to Shkiryak, a refusal to remove the “provocative anti-state symbols” will be punishable by arrest and jail. “Wearing the St. George ribbon is a

How Russia Implements the Minsk 2 Agreement, by Scott Humor

A few years ago, I was having coffee with my then-business partner. He happened to be in the middle of a process called “enrolling your child in a private school.” In my naiveté I thought that this process was a fairly straightforward one: you give them your application and a check, and they accept your kid. But apparently, there were more people with money that this particular school was willing to

Batman’s murder in Luganks is very bad news for Lugansk

I deliberately waited a few days before addressing the issue of the murder of “Batman” (Alexander Bednov) in the Lugansk People’s Republic but I am getting too many questions to remain silent any longer.  So first, let’s look at the fact Batman What is more or less established: Batman had been traveling in an armored car for a while now because he feared for his life.  Near the city of

Lugansk attacked by Ukrainian Air Force

The city of Lugansk in the easternmost part of the ex-Ukraine has been attacked by Ukrainian combat aircraft.  See for yourself: The aircraft in question is a Sukhoi-25, a close air support aircraft which might well become the major threat for the NDF in the next few days or weeks. The Su-25 is very hard to shoot down.  It’s cabin is armored and its widely separated engines are both equipped